Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Naked Phase

Do you know the naked phase?

Toddlers usually hit it somewhere around age 2.5 years and while in this phase they delight in being naked and at random points during the day they will strip down and then do victory laps around the house because they are so pleased with their naked selves.

"Why are you naked?" becomes an often-heard question around the house.

My daughter was the queen of the naked phase because she had the dexterity and fine motor skills to get all her clothes off (every single stitch of clothing) in a second.

As toddler phases go I really don't mind this one too much. Sure, there is the aspect of "I'm doing good to dress all 3 of you people plus myself once each day, and now somebody needs to be redressed?!!" But, truly I can think of far worse battles! If we're at home, especially if it is towards the end of long day, I've been known to just let the toddler be naked, or half-dressed. Hey, at least they're not playing in the street!

But my husband? Is not a fan of the naked phase. "You can only be naked in your room or in the bathroom!" is his unwritten, but much repeated rule.

My 3rd child is entering the naked phase, but this ever-lingering winter is really interfering with his plans for life without clothing. Just a couple days ago when the temperature was in the 30s, I set out to dress the toddler for the day and he refused his shirt, "Only when I want to wear a shirt!" My 4 year old daughter was distraught, "He has to wear a shirt!" she cried. But I knew how this would play out. "Sure buddy, I'll take the shirt with us and you just let me know when you're ready to wear it." He got about 2 steps out towards the car in the 30 something degree weather and he decided he was ready to wear the shirt!

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  1. Not to worry, this (phase)too, shall pass.

    The cooler temps tend to make it pass a little faster. LOL

  2. LOL. naked phases. i think my 2 and half yr old might be in that phase now too.
    Clothes are important you know....
    How can you explain that to a 2 yr. old?
    I am going to sign this as CLuttered Brain but I signed the linky as Vlogging Mama. K?
    It's my new Wordpress blog.

  3. LOL! My daughter Emma is finally getting out of that phase, just as her brother is entering into it. UGH
    Gotta love 'em!

  4. Ah, so cold weather is the key to getting them out of the naked phase! I'll be out of luck in a couple months then...

    Not to duplicate what I said in my email, but I'm still chuckling about this since my two-year-old was into her clothes strike tonight. I didn't realize that other kids commonly did this as well! I thought that my kids were just weird. :)

  5. Sounds JUST like my husband (unless it's ME) and my son, Luke. Kids are so funny.

    Happy FF!

  6. That's too funny! Princess Nagger is still in that 7. She likes running around in her underwear - at least she does put her clothes back on if she's going outside. Though when she was younger it was a battle to get her to do so. ;)

  7. LOL! Use this weather to your advantage! LOL! My kids never went through the naked phase. I'm guess I was lucky! LOL!
    Happy Friday!

  8. haha Yes I have recently witnessed my grandkids going through the naked phase. My youngest son went through a season where all he would wear (of course stripping down to this the moment the time presented itself) was his undies and rain boots. (I think he was suppose to be some super hero) haha I do have a pic of him in our back yard running around in this ensemble. It was hilarious. Have a wonderful day....nuddies and all.

  9. Visiting from the Finer Things :-)

    Yep, we're all too familiar with the naked phase in this house. I don't think we ever left the phase though because my girls (8 & 4) still love to be naked. I guess it's a good sign that they are comfortable in their own skin and love their bodies. What a wonderful world we would live in if everyone felt that way about themselves.

  10. My grandson (just turned 5 yrs old, lives with me full-time) has two preferred modes of dress: naked or in his footed pjs. He is perfectly comfortable in either. When I try to get him to 'get dressed' he asks: "Are we going anywhere?" If the answer is no, he says: "I'm warm in my pjs." If the answer is yes, I have to plan for an extra 20-30 minutes for his streaking time once the jammies come off. Of course, as a full-time writer, I've been known to answer the door to the UPS guy in my robe & jammies mid-afternoon. When I'm on a roll, I can't remember to stop long enough to get my own clothes on...besides, my robe is warm...

  11. Is it weird that my husband (41 years old) wants to BRING BACK the naked phase??? ;)


  12. Ha ha! That is funny. He just likes to be naked, he's no dummy. ;-)

  13. We had the nude sleeping 3 year old. only he wasn't night time dry yet. Argh. Then we compromised and let him sleep in shorts and short sleeves. Apparently he was hot, either that or he can't get them off by himself.

  14. I remember the naked phase well and am so glad we are through it ;)

  15. LOL Too funny. We're entering the naked phase. LOL

  16. My four year old son is still in his naked phase. It all started when he was potty training and now I think he just enjoys being naked. It's rather embarrassing when people are over for a visit though :)

  17. That's brilliant! I loved the naked phase. I have to tell you, though, when I read, "But my husband?" I thought you were going to talk about his naked phase! haha

  18. We're in the "how many different outfits can I put on in one day" phase. :)


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