Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Blogging

Today's Works for Me Wednesday has a theme this week: blogging tips. And I am pretty much no help.

I've been blogging for just over a year and there are still so many aspects of it that I am clueless about.

I wrote this on my blog last year, "There is a lot to learn about this blog world -- del.icio.us, comments, memes, carnivals, RSS feeds, widgets, gadgets, trackback, ping, permalink -- ya'll it's more chaos than even my home!"

And it is pitiful to report that I still have not had time to figure out some of those things, but the good news and my encouragement to newbie bloggers is that you can still blog without knowing all that stuff.

A big question I get is how do I find the time to blog, so here comes the answer . . .

I watch almost no TV.

(Lost is an exception and yes, it starts back tonight so I have got to get off the blog and on the DVR!)

Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, The Bachelor, The Office? Have all passed me by! Occasionally I'll hear people make references to the popular shows and I just stare blankly.

In the evenings instead of unwinding with an hour of TV that leaves me feeling rather unfulfilled, I write and read what other people write. I love the memories I've captured for myself and my kids on my blog. I love the people I've connected with through blogs. I can honestly say the blog world has made me a better homemaker.

I've learned to meal plan better, bake my own bread, schedule my day, repurpose, organize, sew a little, and laugh a lot at situations that might otherwise make you cry.

I've learned that I am not alone. I see other moms every day at my kids' schools, activities, etc. but when our kids are around it is hard to share more than half a sentence much less an entire story or lament about the 3 week old bag of grapes I found in the back of my SUV! But I read your stories and am so comforted that I am not alone in what goes on in my mom world. Just today Beth blogged about a poop incident and I can so empathize!


  1. Oh yeah Allison! I am so glad I have a fellow "Lostie" to watch with me. Did you watch tonight? I'm thinking of doing a recap of things I noticed on my blog...I'm sad that it's ending!

  2. We don't have cable and I love to read blogs. :)

  3. I'm glad you blog too!

    My faith has really deepened since reading blogs. There are so many amazing people out there sharing their stories.

    I too watch almost no t.v. I don't know how people find time with kids. We only get 4 main channels anyway, so I'm not missing out on much. Occasionally I will catch up on The Office on Hulu.

  4. I have come to discover that you either get blogging or you don't. To those of us who blog it doesn't have to be explained much. It is an ENTIRE world that we have discovered and opened up for ourselves. I've laughed, cried, prayed, learned, and just downright enjoyed soo many REAL people, and made friendships I treasure. Let's face it, most of us who blog, LOVE to write and read. I've found it is even feeds my decorating urges as I simply change backgrounds and rearrange my "look", haha. I have even felt my relationship with the Lord has grown, been challenged in areas I've neglected, and I have been inspired more than I thought possible. And to finish it all off it documents my life in a way that I hope even my grandchildren someday will enjoy. How I would have loved to have read such a thing about my mothers/grandmothers lives. And those who don't blog, look at you like you might have two heads..."You do what?" I've been accused of living in a "fake" world, frittering my time, (this is a BIG one, I hear it A LOT)and have heard MANY patronizing little comments such as..."Oh, isn't that "nice"...it gives her SOMETHING to do with her time now that she's an empty nester." or "So glad you stay busy with SOMETHING dear." haha Especially all the blogs I read with young moms I know you all are busy with your regular days just like non bloggers and IN YOUR OWN FREE TIME you blog. Non bloggers chose many different things in theirs such as hours of TV, phone gabbing, shopping, reading etc. etc. But bloggers are the ones frittering time. haha I, like you, sit down here when I can. When my chores are done, my grandkids are not underfoot, and when I can "visit" according to the time schedule that best works for me. I watch a little TV, but not much. I don't chat on the phone nearly what I used to. (which for me has been a GIANT improvement of time spent...much less temptation to gossip) My husband works LONG hours and I never touch this thing when he is here. My beef? People who don't "get it" who judge. haha Thanks for posting this, and sorry for the "mini novel"....Can ya tell I have taken lots of grief on this? lol Have a wonderful day, and I am soo glad you blog.

  5. I can so empathize with trying to find time to blog and benefiting at times when I dp. We have no TV either, but stil life gets very full. So, the time I take to learn from and share with others through blogging has been a blessing. Still trying to figure out lots of the technacalities of blogging, too, though. So much to learn and so little time. :)

  6. I, too, have replaced most of my evening tv time w/blogging - the only shows I'm loyal to are GLEE (which hubby and I enjoy together) and Project Runway - glamor and drama what a great mix! ;)
    It's not uncommon for me to curl up with the laptop while hubby enjoys some ESPN w/out guilt! HA! ;)

  7. I am with you. I may never know what all that stuff is...what's a ping? Never heard of it. Anyway, I wanted to comment on the fact that you're a better housewife for reading blogs. I feel the same way, but unfortunately, my hubby feels that it's just another time sucker like the TV (which we don't watch anymore). So, I feel like I have to sneak in my time. I read when my son naps and eats. I'll read if my husband goes to bed early. I hate that blogging (mostly reading others' blogs) has been such a blessing in my life but my hubby doesn't see it that way. Maybe he'll come around. I hope I don't have to give it up!

  8. I am on board with the no tv thing--I'd much rather be reading blogs!


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