Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boys Vs. Girls - Proud to be on the Pink & Purple Team

Last week my oldest son requested a Saturday breakfast date out with dad, then somewhere along the way he decided it would be a "Boys Breakfast" and so his little brother could come, too. That was fine with my daughter and me. We decided we'd just eat cereal at home and go on a date later to a cupcake place.

So, we sent the boys off, ate our cereal in peace, painted our toe nails. She chose a 3 different color combination/pattern of pink, light purple, and sparkly purple.

Then we baked some bread.

When the boys got home my husband was ready to take all of the kids to the Home Depot Kids Clinic which they offer on the 1st Saturday of every month. Usually all the kids go and I get an hour to tackle a household task.

But, my daughter didn't want to go, said she'd rather stay home and do chores with Mommy.
So we cleaned out the pantry.

I stood on a chair and handed things down to her to clear the top shelf.

And without any prompting or suggesting from me, look what she did with the things I handed her:

I have no idea where she got those organizational skills!!

I would not have lined them up in neat rows, but just scooted everything off to the side.

At one point I picked up a canister to wipe off the top of it and she fussed at me that I didn't put it back in the right spot!

By lunchtime the boys were back and after the entire morning with them my husband was begging me to trade and let him take our daughter to the cupcake place and then I'd take the boys for their haircuts.

No way!

At least my husband did make it home to watch his favorite football team (with the boys having a pretend gun battle around, under, over, and on top of him on the couch)!

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  1. That's so cute! It sounds like our kids. They all like to organize things and color coordinate even. How fun! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed week!

  2. I loved this post...I believe you are either a born organizer or your not, haha...Looks like your daughter is well on her way. My daughter too was ALWAYS organizing everything. Didn't learn it from me that is for sure, haha...Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  3. OMGosh, darling header! Love this post...such fun! Loved those Home Depot clinics when my kids were little...let me tell you, they pay off! Both my kids do well with their own necessary projects now (putting college dorm room chairs together...putting bike headlights on before heading off for a road trip with friends, etc) hearing about your weekend, what a fun family you have! SO glad I visited from Carissa's MM today :)

  4. that is so funny! After a day with the boys your hubby wanted you to take them hahahhaha and I love that you took your daughter to the cupcake place while your hubby watched football and the boys played on and around him LOL that is just soooo funny! What a cute cupcake and a cute little girl! love her organizational skills...your blog is just presh
    Im a new follower


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