Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It Sleeps Four!

We've been planning a bunch and executing a little, some changes to our house so it can go from being a 3 kid home to a 4 kid home.

Part of the planning involves picking out and buying bunk beds for the girl room. We had the choices narrowed down, but had not bought anything yet when my 6 year old daughter called down from the playroom recently, "Come look at my new bed!"

She just saved us a bunch of money!

And we move those games and that shelf can actually sleep 4!

Kidding! Kidding! My children will all have actual beds with mattresses and everything! (Just gotta clarify in case, you know, our caseworker is reading or some other adoption official.)


  1. LOL Kids can be very creative and entertaining!!! And of course, cute! :)

  2. I LOVE it!! I didn't even see her in there at first! We have four girls in one room. I had to laugh today when my youngest asked her sisters what it was like to go to a sleepover. They said it was just like laugh and do hair!


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