Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Semi-Coherent Thoughts

We have not gotten the coveted call this week letting us know our adoption was finalized by the Ethiopian courts and are still praying for good news really soon. We may or may not be pestering our poor caseworker to the point that she likely complains to her coworkers about us. Somehow even though we know she'll call as soon as she has news, we (and when I say we, really it's my husband, no really it is!) can't resist emailing her mid-afternoon asking if she has any news. Yep, we are now officially THOSE people.


There have been other calls this week, though. For instance in one half hour time period my mom (who suffers from Lewy Body Demetia) called me 12 times to ask what time I was coming to pick her up. I answered the phone about 4 times and patiently told her, "At 10AM, so that's in 50 minutes." "At 10AM, so that's in 48 minutes." "At 10AM, so that's in 45 minutes." "At 10AM, so that's in 44 minutes."

And then I just stopped answering the phone. Does that make me a bad person?

'Cause I was trying to get the house vacuumed and simultaneously console the dog who I'd just picked up from the vet for her spay surgery (Yep, we did it; who were we kidding, we're no dog breeders!) The good news is, Madeline is fine and all the drama around her being in heat is over forever. The bad news? The vet wants me to "keep her quiet and calm for about 7 days." Huh?? How do you recommend I do that?

But as I attempted to ignore the ringing, knowing it had to be my mom again but also wondering a tiny bit if maybe it could be our caseworker, I couldn't help telling God I didn't appreciate his sense of humor!


In a moment of weakness, or perhaps just complete denial of all the tasks already on my plate, I suggested that I could make my daughter's Halloween costume. She wants to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, mostly because when they have costume day at school she can take a basket with a stuffed dog (Toto) in it. I've yet to go buy some blue and white gingham material to make her apron dress, however I did score some red sparkly shoes at Target that are sure to leave a red glitter trail anywhere my little girl walks in them, but at $12 for ruby red slippers, who's complaining?

Another shoe highlight of the week: Today just before 2pm after a full morning and early afternoon being out and about various places, as I changed my 4 year old into his swim suit for swimming lessons, I reached to help him take off his shoes and just had to ask, "How long have your shoes been on the wrong feet?"

Seriously, how is it that as preschoolers my kids do not notice at all if they walk around with their shoes on the wrong feet, but let there be a slight wrinkle in their sock and they demand I take the shoe off, smooth the wrinkle, and put it back on before we can ever leave the house? I don't get it! But the whole-shoes-on-the-wrong-feet thing is a finer thing you miss when they grow out of that stage.


Happy Friday!

Mommy's Idea


  1. LOL at "those people" comment. That's me right there with my emails. I'm sure our caseworkers are used to it by now :-). This part of the wait is SO much harder, but aren't all phases of this wait?

  2. I like the way your daughter thinks. Great costume choice! Glad you found such nice ruby slippers for her to wear--way to go mom!

  3. I can relate with you about your mom. My mom also suffers with dementia that started 5 years ago after she had a stroke. Short term memory loss can get frustrating!

    Love those sparkly shoes!!

    Hoping you get that good news phone call!!

  4. I hope you hear from your caseworker NOW!!!! I love the ruby red slippers. Who wouldn't want to own those? Have a great weekend!

  5. Praying your phone rings ASAP!!! :)


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