Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Life

My 6 year old daughter wants to be a teacher when she grows up. I caught this scene of her holding school for one of her dollies and her little brother!

Yes, that is long underwear she's wearing, it was a chilly 90 degrees here this week compared to our 104 degrees!


My 8 year old forgot to bring home his lunchbox one day recently. I didn't make a big deal about it, even though absent-mindedness is an issue we are constantly working on with him, I'm actually surprised this is the first time that's happened. I just told him to bring it home the next day and in the mean time we had an extra lunchbox I could use to pack his lunch. My husband, however, said, "If he left his lunchbox as school, then tomorrow he should just buy his lunch like a normal person."

My 8 year old's response cracked me up, "The normal people eat out of a lunchbox, the crazy people eat from the lunch line!"

The food really is disgusting that they serve! Nobody should have to eat that stuff!


A police officer came to visit my 4 year old's preschool today to talk with the kids. My little guy thought it was pretty cool and filled me in on every single detail of the visit. That boy can talk your ear off! Then he asks me, "Do you know what a girl police officer is called?" I'm thinking, "Uh, police officer?" but I say, "What?" And he says, "A police officeress, you know like a waitress is a girl waiter." I bust out laughing and say, "What? Did the police officer tell you that?" And he says, "No, I thought of it by myself."

The same kid today when his swim teacher asked him where his big brother and sister were replied, "Those people are at school." The kid is too much!


In case some of you are not regular readers and a bit skeptical about if it's really chaos around here, let me share the fact that a tooth has been sitting on top of a Kleenex on my kitchen counter for a good 3 days now.

Why is it there?

Because a certain 8 year old lost it and keeps forgetting to put it in his tooth fairy pillow and I keep forgetting to remind him.

He also owes the tooth fairy a note about the tooth he lost and swallowed a couple weeks ago during an unfortunate incident where my husband was helping him with his tooth brushing because we're convinced he doesn't brush well enough, and the 8 year old was complaining, "Dad, you're brushing too hard!", and sure enough when my husband finished brushing, my son was minus 1 tooth he'd had (although it was really loose) prior to the brushing! We couldn't find that tooth anywhere so I guess he swallowed it!

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  1. That's a cute picture of the future teacher you have there. I would have used a paper bag for the boy's lunch the second day so he wouldn't have two lunch boxes to bring home. Wise decision though not to have him buy his lunch!


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