Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adoption Update: A New Court Date

We got news today that we have a new court date for our Ethiopian adoption on October 27th. Since we appeared in Ethiopian court on August 2nd we have been desperately waiting for news that we passed, that we are officially, legally the parents of our little girl in Ethiopia. While the new court date was not the coveted news that we passed court, we are relieved to no longer feel like we are waiting indefinitely, which is how it was really beginning to feel!

Our agency assures us that being given a new court date does not indicate anything bad and they do not foresee any issues with our case. The court date gives a set date for our case to be looked at and potentially finalized. (We do not attend this court date, just thought I'd clarify in case you envisioned us scrambling to make the 20 hour flight, nope next time we go to Ethiopia it will be for our Embassy appointment and we won't be coming home without her!)

Please pray our case is finalized next Thursday. Our girl needs to be in a family, with a mommy and daddy instead of just caregivers, she needs the nutrition and medical care we can provide her. And we are so tired of waiting, ready to have our little girl home with us rather than watching her grow up in an orphanage through pictures and updates. It's been 11 weeks since we had to say goodbye to her in Ethiopia. Tomorrow she turns 3 years old.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, if we had it our way, you'd be home eating cupcakes with us and dancing to some Ethiopian music in our living room -- you are an amazing, adorable dancer! We will wait as long as it takes to be able to bring you home and look forward to all the other birthdays we'll be able to celebrate with you! I pray that you can somehow feel that you are loved and wanted and not forgotten.


  1. Praying! And wishing your sweet girl a very Happy Birthday!

    The waiting and the unknowns are so hard. Sending love and hugs to you.

  2. Oh soo exciting on this step closer. Praying all is over soon. The wait has to be sooo hard! Happy birthday to your sweet girl! HUGS

  3. So happy that something is happening...this will get you one step closer!
    We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers next week.

    Fingers crossed!

  4. What!?!? A new court date??? Does that mean MOWA must issue an opinion by that date? Gosh, I hope so! Praying for y'all! Lots!


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