Monday, December 26, 2011

Home for Christmas!!!

Our family of 6 together at last in the airport on Christmas Eve!  

So grateful to be posting this from my home where all 4 of my children are sleeping under 1 roof (which means I need to go sleep now, too, while I have a chance -- more updates and pics. later)!


  1. Oh my goodness what incredible news, what a beautiful photo, big big congrats, so very very happy for all six of you!!!

  2. Sooo happy for you!! Congrats. How excited you must be! God is good! HUGS

  3. YAY! I've been thinking about you LOTS over the weekend! Can't wait to hear how everything's going! And CONGRATULATIONS! What an amazing Christmas present - to have all of your children HOME! :)

  4. Congratulations, so happy for you!!! We were in Ethiopia 2 weeks ago and I met your daughter.. I'll email some pictures!


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