Friday, December 9, 2011

More Embassy Questions

The wee hours of the morning did not bring the news we'd hoped for.  The U.S. embassy in Ethiopia did not send us an email with our clearance to travel to bring home our daughter, instead they have some "follow-up questions" and will be getting back to us.  We have no details about what the questions are and do not know if these questions can be cleared up in just a matter of days or if they will delay our case for months.  We have already contacted the offices of our local congressmen and senator earlier this week and are further requesting their help. 

Please pray for comfort in the midst of more delays and unknowns as far as when we can bring our daughter home.  Pray for us to have clarity and wisdom in the coming days as we make decisions about how to proceed.  Decisions like should we leave our 3 children here in the U.S. to go be with the 1 in Ethiopia, in order to take custody of our new child and begin parenting our little girl who has been without parents for too long, even if it means I may have to stay on in Ethiopia for an extended period of time?  Could we help our case clear quicker if we are physically present in Ethiopia?

And of course we are really praying to just clear early next week and not face all the worst-case scenarios!


  1. So sorry!! I really hope this is something that can be cleared next week and you can travel soon. You are in my prayers....

  2. Ooofta! We are waiting on embassy clearance as well. Making me crazy - waiting for those middle of the night emails!

  3. Oh praying praying praying! I know in my case it did help us clear more quickly because I was there... but things changed drastically over there the week after we cleared (they officially started that whole Nairobi thing). Looking back, I realize there was no wrong choice between going and staying. I'm praying for peace, for clarity for y'all as you make your decision and most of all, for EASILY ANSWERABLE questions!! :)

  4. Praying for you...I can't believe the hoops you guys have had to jump through...and all of these little details and extra steps...It's kind of crazy what it takes for a good Christian family to bring home a sweet little girl who they are going to love like crazy! God has it all under control though...that is the most important thing to remember....


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