Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Fool's Pranks I'm Playing on My Kids!

Our little girl from Ethiopia has recently learned how to ask "Why?".  We were in Target, on the bathroom accessories aisle and she looked at a shelf completely lined with trash cans that were for sale, turned to me confused, pointed and asked, "Why, Mom?"


Speaking of shopping, this is not at all newsworthy, but I switched my membership from Sams to Costco about 6 months ago because I'd heard so many friends rave about Costco and there was a new one built fairly close to my house ('course not as close as the Sams).  

And you know what?  

I don't get the Costco hype at all! Supposedly they have more organic-type foods, which I'm into, but they don't have as good a deal on organic milk as my HEB and the soy yogurt I'm now eating every day is nary to be found at Costco.  Not to mention a lot of the old standby basics I bought at Sams I can't find at Costco.  I'd already decided to go crawling back to Sams and ask if they'd please have me back when lo and behold they sent me a card in the mail saying they missed me and gave me a free 2 month membership if I'd come back.

Dear Sams, 

You had me at "we missed you"!  And my kids are in withdrawal over your beef jerky, Costco's tastes funny.  I'll be there tomorrow!

With promises to never stray again, yours truly,
It Feels Like Chaos


A couple years ago for April Fool's Day, I used some food coloring and dyed the kid's milk blue before pouring it into their cups at breakfast.

They thought it was so funny and still talk about it occasionally.

So, I'm planning some stuff for April Fool's Day this coming Sunday.

Here are some pranks I have up my sleeve:
  • When we were in Ethiopia last summer with our 2 oldest kids, I was so worried someone would accidentally drink water from the faucet or even just wash their hands and not use hand sanitizer after it, so I covered the faucet in our guest house bathroom with a plastic baggie and then used a rubber band to secure it in place.  It worked pretty well!  But, this Sunday, April Fool's Day (actually late at night on Saturday since my kids wake up earlier than me), I'm going to plastic baggie the faucets in our house!
  • Also, when I lay out the kids' clothes on their closet doors for church, I'm going to switch them up, not too obviously like putting girl clothes on the boy doors, but I'm going to lay out my 4 year old son's clothes for the 9 year's old son to put on and switch the girls up, too!  I bet my oldest son won't even notice his clothes are 4 sizes too small!
  • We typically eat cereal before church, so I'm going to fill the kid cereal bowls with milk the night before and freeze them. Then in the morning we can add a little cereal and milk on top and the kids will be in for a surprise when they dig into their bowls!

I'm looking for more ideas, nothing mean, just harmless fun that will get them laughing, not crying!!  Do you have any good ones?


***I was in no way compensated by Sams Club to write this post!***

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  1. Well happy "prank"ing to you. Just remember soon they are going to be old enough to come up with their own...

  2. Love that "why" age! And your pranks sound fun! I hope I can think of something. I'm pregnant was out a long time ago! :)

  3. WOW impressed with your enthusiasm for April fools! LOL...

  4. Goodness - - - you've got a lot of April Fools going on over there!

  5. That blue milk idea is hilarious! I'm really bad at coming up with good April Fool's jokes although my best one was on my two attorneys I used to work for. I told them I was going to quit to go work at the animal shelter near our house. They really fell for it because they knew my passion for animals.

  6. Last year I saw some jelly belly jellybeans that looked exactly like peas & carrots! Some day I plan to serve those with dinner, but I didn't get my act together to order them this year! :)


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