Monday, March 12, 2012

Mystery Solved!

You guys are amazing! There's nothing like the power of blog readers to solve a mystery! 

 The tall man mystery I hinted at on Friday when I said my 4 year old son refers to his middle finger as "tall man" and it always makes me laugh, but I wasn't sure where he got that because we've never told him to call it that.  I was assuming preschool and that maybe there was a song about it or something. Well, a couple of you guys clued me in that it is a song, the "Where is Thumbkin" song! So, glad to know! I remember the "Where is Thumbkin" song, but I'd never heard the "Tall Man" verse before. Watch this hilarious video to see the preschol song for yourself!


I had the best time going over the song with my kids.  My 9 year old refused to do the hand motions along with the 3 other kids and me -- his loss! And maybe this reveals my maturity level, but I can't help cracking up at the thought of a preschool classroom full of kids all holding up their middle fingers and singing "Here he is!" For the tall man part. So hilarious!!

Anyway, thank you, dear readers for helping to solve the tall man mystery and providing some weekend entertainment!


We have our first post-placement visit for our adoption tomorrow.  Good thing it was Day 1 of Spring Break today, so my entire cleaning crew was home to help!

Here's 50% of my crew (and don't tell the boys, but this female half is way more effective and efficient than the male half of my cleaning crew):

I know, I know, you don't have to stress out about these visits or clean your house -- or so they say!  Let me send a caseworker over to your house and we'll see how much you feel the need to clean!  Maybe by the 6 month post-placement visit I'll be comfortable enough not to clean, but for now, you better bet it's gonna be clean!  And there may have even been some bribes, I mean incentives, described to the children tonight at dinner if they behave during the visit.

The caseworker is coming a little early for the 3 month mark -- can't believe it's already been 3 months since we brought Little Girl home!

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