Thursday, March 1, 2012

I survived another week of the chaos!

Although she hasn't mastered the English language yet, Little Girl has tattling down!

Her tattling on a sibling used to be, "Mommy" followed by the offending sibling's name followed by her name all in an upset voice.  And she'd keep repeating that series of names until I did something about the situation that so upset her.

But this week she graduated to nearly full sentence structure: "Mom! (insert sibling's name)'s not letting me!"

If I've heard that statement once this week I've heard it a thousand times!  There are a lot of people in this house not letting Little Girl do everything she wants all the time!


Having 4 kids, they are often talking over each other and I've seriously considered having one of those presidential debate moderators come moderate the dinnertime conversation every night so I don't have to - "Nope, not your turn yet, still his turn."  "You'll get a chance to talk in just a minute."  "Okay, you can tell us one more thing but then you have to let someone else have a turn to talk."

The funniest part about all the interrupting each other craziness is my 4 year old son's reaction to being interrupted, he hollers, "You're ERUPTING me!!!"  And I can't help but laugh every time because I immediately picture a volcano erupting and think that's probably a good description of the frustration he feels!


Although Madeline The Puppy is now Madeline The One Year Old Dog, she still has plenty of puppy antics up her sleeve - if she had sleeves, which she doesn't, of course, because she doesn't wear clothes on account of the fact that I have myself and 4 small people to be sure are wearing weather appropriate clothes every day (hello challenging when it's 40 degrees F and 84 degrees F all in the same week!), so no way is the dog getting dressed!

Out of the blue one day recently, Madeline decided to attack the mail slot that had some outgoing mail in it -- a Netflix movie we were sending back.  I have no idea what the Netlix movie did to offend her, I think she was taking out some aggression at the cat that was walking up and down our front sidewalk taunting her and the Netflix movie was just an innocent bystander!

At least when she saw me photographing her destruction, Madeline was gracious enough to come pose with the evidence!  She has no shame.


Happy Friday, everyone!  Congratulations on surviving the week -- no, wait, that's just what I say to myself, not out loud for all to hear!

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  1. There is a book out there that is called "My mouth is a volcano" written by Julia Cook It talks about a child who "errupts" I am not saying that you need to read it with your children but your post made me remember that book!
    We went from 60 to snow =(

  2. "Out of the mouth of babes comes truth."

  3. There was always lots of noise around our dinner table too. We also have four children - all grown and gone now. Once after she had moved ot our oldest returned for a meal, her eyes ot wide as saucers and she said, "I forgot how we all talk at once areund here!"

  4. Oh how this Ozark Farm Chick loves your little eruptin' four year old. 'Just priceless.

    Your innocent little Madeline reminds me of our Pepper Nipper( our eleven mo. old Blue Heeler pup). She has chewed up everything 'round here literally. The corners off the house, important stuff under the car, my soaker hoses.....(believe me this could go on forever. Hubs keeps tellin' me she'll grow outta it.

    Her only savin' grace is that she is worth her weight in gold workin' cattle.

    Have a blessed and beautiful weekend from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  5. Love the part about the "erupting"! Love the funny things kids say when they're trying to be SO serious!

  6. And I like the story of your little girl.


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