Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A 5 Year Old's Idea of Voting

Both my boys were home sick today, so they got to tag along with me when I went to vote. 

I was glad they were able to see it, especially my 9 year old who has been very interested in the election this year.  Crazy to think he was 5 the last time we got to vote for president!

Thankfully my polling place was not at all crowded and I was able to show the boys some things and talk through the process a bit as I was voting.  As we walked out I asked them if voting was like they expected it would be.

My 5 year old immediately spoke up that it was not at all what he expected.

Me:  "What did you think it was going to be like, Buddy?"

Him:  "Well, I thought there'd be a big room with lots of chairs and people sitting in the chairs and a stage and someone standing on the stage asking the people to raise their hands if they wanted to vote for different people."

My 9 year old was all over explaining why that would not be a good system, but oh, I loved his little 5 year old perspective on voting!

Now, results are coming in. . .

I do think elections are important and consider it a privilege to vote and such a blessing to be an American for so many reasons, but no matter who is the human at the helm, I know the truth about who is really in charge.  God has been in control of this world since He created it and I'm thankful that He continues to be in control of all things!

I am pretty disgusted with the campaign process.  When I think about all the money and time and energy spent on it by so many candidates and their teams, I just KNOW there are better ways those resources could have been used to really change our world for the better!

And last, I'm challenged anew that the responsibility and ability to make this world a better place really lies with individuals, like me.

Want to know a way you can make this world better with just the regular shopping you already do?

Go to Jen Hatmaker's blog for all the details.  I got the privilege of meeting Jen in person this week and hearing her speak.  She was wonderful, just exactly what I expected after reading her blog and her book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess!  So funny, down-to-earth, real, and yet she can deliver a Bible message that makes you know Jesus more!

Americans are blessed.  Unbelievably blessed compared to many other parts of the world, let's step up and use our influence and wealth and education and time and buying power to change the world for the better!

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