Monday, November 12, 2012

Garage Art

Anyone know why this picture Little Girl created is hanging outside on the door that leads into our garage?

Don't know?  Let's get a little closer to the picture.

Do you see it now?

Friends, that's about three-fourths of a cup of glitter right there on that yellow paper!  This is not my first time around the mother-of-a-preschooler block, so I KNOW that a paper coming home from school with that much glitter will mean MONTHS of finding gold glitter all over my house!  I am not exaggerating.  NEVER underestimate the power of glitter!

So after ohhing and ahhing over Little Girl's very sparkly creation when I picked her up at school, casually asking her if she'd left any glitter for the other kids to use, and noticing the new gilded state of my vehicle after transporting the artwork home, I knew I had to do some fast thinking to keep that paper from ever entering our home!

Of course I couldn't suggest throwing it away in the outside trashcan, she was so proud of it!

Hmmm.  "Think, think!  Wow, I wish I'd had another cup of coffee before picking her up."

Then, it came to me!  Let's display it OUTSIDE!  I ran inside for the tape and proposed my idea as if hanging one's artwork on the garage door were the equivalent of The Louvre!  

And she totally fell for it!


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