Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If you could choose . . .

Exactly two years ago we went here:

To Alaska.  On a cruise trip that was gifted to us by my dad and his wife, they had always wanted to go on a cruise with their children and grandchildren.  Alaska was beautiful, a trip of a lifetime and we were grateful for the experience.

Then one month later we went here:

The slums of Ethiopia.

And now, recently when my 10 year filled out an "About My Mom" card at school that he gave me on Mother's Day, there was a question, "If my mom could take a trip anywhere in the world, she'd go to _________________."  My son accurately said, "Ethiopia".

And it's true.  Ethiopia captured our hearts. 

Because of beauty like this:

and this:

Beautiful people with amazing joy in their hearts despite often horrific situations.

The poverty, the sickness, the orphans.  The problems of Ethiopia are huge.  But so is the hope.

Their lives can be changed for the better.  And you can be part of the solution!

Sponsor a child and give them not only tangible care in the form of food, clean water and education, but hope. 

An opportunity to change the world for $34 a month?  That works for me!

Just like I'd trade an Alaskan cruise for a trip to the slums and orphanages of Ethiopia, trading a bit of luxury in your own life to ensure life for another person, for a child, is a choice you will never regret!

Use this link to sponsor a child in Ethiopia.

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  1. This post got me teary! I'm with you - I'd rather go to Ethiopia than on vacation any day. <3

  2. Beautiful! Ethiopia has captured my heart too. Two of my children are from there are we also sponsor children. Looking to sponsor more soon. :) I love the photos both of beautiful Alaska and the adorable children of Ethiopia. i'd pick Ethiopia too.
    Jessie at JessieGunderson.com


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