Monday, July 1, 2013

You could change the world this summer!

When people talk about changing the world, do you immediately think -- too hard or not something I can do?

Check out this article from Christianity Today about the significant positive life outcomes for sponsored children.

We have sponsored children for a few years and even got to meet our boy Mathews in Ethiopia two years ago, and I can tell you the experience has definitely changed our lives for the better!

And the cost?  So small.  It costs more for my family of 6 to eat out at a basic restaurant one meal than it does to sponsor a child.  So my family of 6 decides to skip the restaurant one time during the month and instead we eat left-overs at home as a result a child living in poverty gets not only enough food for a MONTH, but clean water, access to basic medical care, education and the best thing -- discipleship!

Are you in?

There are several great organizations doing child sponsorship and doing it well.  We actually participate in 4 different child sponsorship programs as God has led us to sponsor additional children.  

There is a particular region of the world and a particular organization we have thrown part of our hearts into, though.  I'm going to post more on this tomorrow, but if you're looking for a child to sponsor now, today (and really, there is no better time to start!) then go here find a child that has "Unsponsored" under their precious picture and change the world for that child.

Did you go?  Did you click the link?  When I see their faces it sucks my breath away.  I feel like I'm looking into the eyes of my own children and it hurts.  Children should not go hungry!  Just should not happen!  And 1 in 8 children in Ethiopia die before their 5th birthday.  Can we all stand up and change that statistic?

You can change the world.

And after you do, keep it to yourself or come back and leave a comment letting me know, I'd rejoice over the news!

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