Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why I send my kids to "Camp Mom"?

I posted a couple weeks ago about how my kids attend "Camp Mom" for several weeks during the summer where I entertain them (and they entertain themselves some, too!) instead of sending them away to summer camp or scheduling them for many different day camps and classes. 

One of the reasons I do this (aside from saving money so we'll have more to give away  -- even day camp is super expensive when you multiply it by 4 kids!) is so my 4 kids have time to play with each other.  We send them to public school and for us the pros of that have outweighed the cons but I do regret all the hours each day during the school year that they are away from home and away from their siblings.  I want my kids to be close to each other.

So, in the summer I try to give them a lot of room to be together.  Some days the fighting nearly drives me to second-guess that decision, but then I catch beautiful moments like this:

 Brothers playing baseball together all on their own, without my even suggesting it!

And I know it's worth it, all the work and patience involved in running "Camp Mom".

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  1. I love moments like that! And I love that you were able to document the sweet moment. Camp Mom rules!! :) We do the same thing.


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