Friday, September 20, 2013

There Is No Title

My 10 year old went off to camp this week with his entire 5th grade at school.  For 3 nights they stayed in cabins and do all sorts of outdoor activities.

So of course, I helped him pack with my favorite ZipLoc Bag method.  I'm hoping that in a cabin full of 10 year old boys my son was able to proudly own those ZipLoc bags of clothes without any shame!


We've all missed him this week, even his younger siblings.  It's been interesting the different things his brother and sisters missed most while he was gone and the different ways his presence affects our home.  We will be glad to get him back this afternoon!

I was thinking about how we all missed my son this week when the radio DJ shared an excerpt from Rick Warren's appearance on CNN this week.  Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life and sadly his grown-up son, Matthew, committed suicide a few months ago.  Rick Warren said, "I need the presence of God in my life more than I need the presence of Matthew."

What powerful statement!  It is true, but also so hard for most parents to say, especially one who has so recently lost a child!  


When my 10 year returns from camp he may find his bed has already been given away!  The 6 year old who typically sleeps on the bottom bunk has been asking for a while when he would get to sleep on the top bunk.  I thought these 3 nights his big brother was away would be a great opportunity for Little Brother to fulfill his top-bunk sleeping dreams.  Well, Little Brother loves it and now there may be Battle of the Bunks this weekend at our house!


 New this year, our elementary school is teaching spelling rules to kids in addition to spelling words.  My 8 year old came home talking about the "Floss Rule".  She was incredulous that I did not know the "Floss Rule".  She was like, "But Mom, you went to school!"

Learning along with my kids, I give you the "Floss rule":  "If a one syllable base word ends in the (f), (l) or (s) sound immediately after a short vowel, the (f) sound is spelled ff, the (l) sound is spelled ll, and the (s) sound is spelled ss.

Don't you just feel smarter now?

Happy Friday!


  1. I love the ZipLoc method. I use it for myself :)
    In our house we know how Rick Warren feels. We lost a son to suicide.We appreciate and very much need God's presence around here. They are handling their loss with so much grace.
    I had no idea about the Floss rule, journalism degree and all.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. That rule is interesting, since I taught that rule this summer without calling it Floss. I wonder why they didn't include z, as in fuzz, buzz, fizz.


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