Monday, September 9, 2013

Her Big Personality

That picture of her screaming at the clown statue was not staged.  It's just my Little Girl doing life in the very big way that is typical for her!

She is very loving and sweet and she's also loud and silly and feisty and bold and full of energy!  Before we ever met Little Girl, her reputation preceded her.  "She's spunky," we heard over and over again from people who met her in Ethiopia.  Our missions pastor at church, who our family has gotten to know recently, made the amused observation while watching Little Girl, "She's the spoon that stirs the pot," he said with a grin.  I've heard many times people say, "She has A LOT of personality!" or "She just radiates joy!"

It's all true!

And while usually it's fun and well-received, there are times when it's just too much.  I say this as her mother, who is pretty much her polar opposite when it comes to personality!  I am thankful that God made our Little Girl just like she is, and I absolutely believe her big personality helped tremendously with her transition at age 3 from life in an Ethiopian orphanage to life in an American family.  But it's also my job as her mom to help her reign it in a bit when needed.  Tomorrow I'm going to share a strategy we've been using lately that is really helping to calm Little Girl during times when her typical level of energy is not appropriate.  It's a skill that is becoming more and more essential as she gets older!

Do you have a wild child?  Please share what works to help you guys do life.  And stay tuned for our new strategy tomorrow.

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  1. We have a huge personality over here too! Keeps you on your toes and life is never boring.


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