Thursday, September 5, 2013

Twins with Different Skin!

My girls are taking a jazz dance class together this year.  Today was their first day.  I helped them get dressed in the required attire and jazz shoes and then had to run downstairs to help my 1st grader with a homework question.  My girls came downstairs a few minutes later in their matching jazz outfits loudly chanting a cheer they had just made up.

It went like this:  "We're Twins!  We're Twins!  We're twins with different skin!"

I just couldn't make up that kind of awesome!


My 10 year old is now a banker!  His 5th grade teacher has a whole economy worked out for her class and the kids applied for jobs last week.  Of course my son had to try for the highest paid position in the class.  I even had to write him a recommendation letter.  I mentioned the 5 years he has managed his own allowance in the letter!  He gets a salary but then he has to pay rent on his desk, rent on his chair, there is a library fee, a trash fee, and a computer fee.  Also, kids get deducted from their accounts when they don't have their homework or get their agenda signed.

How awesome is his teacher?!!!

'Course when my son was leaving for school the morning the jobs were to be announced, I told him, "Even if you get custodian, you work hard as if you are serving God with your work." 

 I do have to say, as his mother, he knows a whole lot more about math than he does about cleanliness, so the teacher probably made a good choice!


 Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. The girls could not be any cuter!
    Your son's teacher is amazing. What a great idea!
    I hope you have a blessed weekend.

  2. Twins in different skins is a great phrase. Amazing. I am happy for the son, the banker. That teacher is either a genius or she has no social life or family.

  3. LOVE the twins with different skins.

    Our jr high where I taught used to do a similar money management activity. One of my sixth graders wrote me a million dollar check and asked me to marry him. Best offer I ever had. ;-)

  4. Your daughters are so cute! What a clever little rhyme they made up. Our school does something similar where they have to get jobs and pay for things and manage their money. I think it's a good experience for them. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh my goodness! That cheer made me cry. How blessed you are. And I love the 5th grade economy -- awesome!

  6. Adorable, adorable kids :)
    Real-life lessons are the best.
    thanks fo rlinking up. Have a great week!


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