Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Chicken That Was Not For Dinner

Here's one of my favorite pictures from our Dominican Republic mission trip a couple months ago:

That's my 8 year old daughter on the right, holding a chicken.  And the little boy is Felice.  We ate dinner at his house one night and Felice couldn't wait to show us the chickens in his backyard.  Felice is only two, but he had some serious chicken-catching skills!  It took him mere seconds to scoop one up even though they were running free in his backyard! 

We ate a traditional meal by candlelight because there was no electricity with Felice's mom and dad and Felice.  They are a sweet precious family and were such gracious hosts to us!  They had a much smaller house and drastically fewer things than most people we know here in America, yet they had more joy and faith than most people we know.

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  1. Sometimes it's the people who have little who show the most generosity. Great photo!


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