Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Week Off?

So, I didn't intend to take a week off the blog, but lo and behold, it has been a week since I last published a post!

My aunt came to visit on Tuesday and stayed with us for two nights and we had the best visit, but I was just too busy to blog.  I'm sorry for disappearing on you, though!

And now the Olympics are starting so clearly, the blogging may be erratic!  I hate TV, truly could live without it altogether, except I do enjoy some Olympics every 2 years!  Anyone else confused about there being Olympics on tonight, a night before the opening ceremonies?  Is it kinda like stores beginning their Black Friday sales on Thursday? 

I'm sure I can also find some way to blame the cold weather for my lack of blogging, seeing as how I'm blaming it for everything else.

For example, mid-day today (about the same time I put my aunt on a plane back home), I suddenly realized it was February!  And not just February, but FEBRUARY 6TH!  And I did not yet pay Little Girl's preschool tuition that is due on the first school day of the month, the school day that was 3 days ago!!  It's the cold weather, you see, it doesn't FEEL like February when it's still so stinking cold.  We are typically wearing short sleeves by February, not fighting 30 something degree days!  And I know, I know, some of you had temps around 8 degrees today or worse, but honestly I am just not made for the cold, and you are, of course!  That logic holds up about as well as "I didn't pay my bill because it didn't FEEL like February, it still felt like January!"

Does it surprise you that I still have Christmas cards up in my house?  Not the Christmas tree (not that there is anything wrong with one having a Christmas tree up in February, if you do I am not judging) that is gone, but the cards that friends and family sent us.  I just love having all the cute kids displayed in my house and walking by and marveling at how big they've all gotten and smiling at the friends we knew as newlyweds who are now juggling 4 kids in their family picture - we are not the only crazy ones!  So the cards are still up.


Speaking of Little Girl's preschool (you know, the one I, apparently, don't pay for), they go through the alphabet for their show and tell and this week it was letter "Q".  They were supposed to bring something in their little show and tell bag that began with letter "Q" and they write 3 clues about what it is and the class tries to guess it.  Well, because Little Girl is who she is and SO competitive, she is now on a mission to make her show and tells so hard that her friends will not be able to guess it.  So, she was not at all happy with the idea of bringing a queen or a quarter for show and tell, other kids already brought those things and everyone would guess it!

So, what did she take for show and tell? 

She took quiet.  

Or rather a picture of her "being quiet".  

The Little Girl who is nearly never quiet took quiet for show and tell!  But, she got her wish, nobody guessed it!

Her clues were funny, "You need to be this at the library."  "You need to be this at church" and "You need to be this at the zoo."  

I was totally with her on those first 2 clues, but not so sure about the 3rd one, but when it is your 4th child doing this type of show and tell, you go with it!  Kinda like when they want to take "quiet" for show and tell.  Sure, awesome!


My aunt did attempt to teach Little Girl the "Quiet Game" while she was here.  And my 8 year old daughter who shares a room with Little Girl immediately piped up, "Let's play that game on Saturday morning!" because she really wants to sleep in on Saturdays but Little Girl always wakes her up!


Aside, from the total denial that it's even February, Valentine's Day is stressing me out.  There have been notices in various forms, some in flyers from school, some in emails, about the 4 different Valentine exchanges/celebrations at school for my 4 children, but who can keep it all straight?  First each of my 4 children need a different number of Valentines to hand out depending on the number of kids in their class.  Then one class I'm sending napkins, one class I'm helping coordinate the celebration as part of my room mom duties, one class I'm to send a "snack to share", and one class I am just to send the Valentines and NO treats whatsoever (That is preschool and it is my favorite, very anti-parties for the kids.  Glory!)

And my 5th grade son?  Are there even any age-appropriate Valentines?  I'm sure if I perused Pinterest  I would find tons of ideas, but remember Valentines is already stressing me out and clearly Pinterest only ups the stress level, so I haven't gone there.


It all makes me feel like I need a week off.  Oh wait, I already had one!  
Happy Friday, Friends!  Find more Friday Fragments here.


  1. I adore the picture of your girl being quiet. It's priceless. I don't think quiet is required at the zoo, either.

  2. I know this sounds kind of random, but I really like the way you wrote this post; it's funny, self-deprecating, and flows so well, coming to full circle at the end. I know; I sound just like a teacher grading a paper (Sorry).

    I always grudgingly bought the valentines; the kids looked at them for 4 seconds!

    Glad you got to enjoy a nice visit with your aunt. Here's hoping your Little Girl remembers how to play the Quiet Game so your poor Big Girl gets to sleep in! :)

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.


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