Thursday, February 27, 2014

Holey Pants and Leggings, Batman!

We had a re-emergence of winter this week.  I'm really ready to be done with cold weather, mostly because of this:

My 6 year old son has created holes in the knees of nearly every pair of his jeans and my 5 year old daughter has created holes in the knees of nearly all her leggings.  I do not want to buy them new pants, it will be shorts weather very soon, but maybe not soon enough to save my children sporting some ragamuffin clothes for the next few weeks!


Tonight at dinner we had to correct a child for pretending their spaghetti pasta was dental floss.  Honestly!


Teddy has been my constant companion this week.  He's Little Girl's best friend of the week.  

But even after I drop her off at school, Teddy hangs out with me, smiling from his carseat in the backseat.

He's a most cheerful companion, if not a bit odd.  Little Girl refers to him as a "him", like she will tell you "His name is Teddy."  But, he's always dressed in girl clothes, a new feminine outfit every day!  While I really don't have the bandwidth to tackle Teddy's gender identity issues, I am glad we no longer have to worry about him being denied service by any businesses in Arizona!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We're hoping to take the kids to see The Lego Movie

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. I remember those days all too well of wanting winter to end before I had to buy non-holey jeans! lol
    Teddy the cross-dressing bear is a cutie!

  2. My DIL is dressing her third child with clothes from the other 2 and comes across pants worn by one or the other and loves the memories of each child growing up because of the holes in the clothes.

  3. I'd take Teddy as a companion :)
    Spaghetti as dental floss? I may floss more if that works :)

  4. I thought I was lucky enough to dodge most of the snow but it appears mother nature has a sense of humor. Ugghh.
    I used to look at the holes in my son's jeans and wish I knew how to sew on patches.
    I tried the iron on ones but apparently they take some kind of talent as well.
    teddy looks like a good friend.

  5. I feel you on the jeans. My kids have been growing like weeds and I hate to buy new pants now when they won't be worn the bulk of the next months.
    Your daughter is gorgeous and I love that teddy is safe!

  6. What a wonderful companion you have there, and one that never tells you how to drive. :D
    lol @ the spaghetti dental floss. As for the pants and leggings, distressed pants and leggings are the IN fashion at the moment so all's good. :D
    Have a great week!


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