Monday, February 17, 2014

In Summer . . .

In the hit movie, Frozen, Olaf the snowman sings a song about what he thinks he'd love about summer.  (I know this fact extremely well because my 8 year old daughter has listened to the Frozen soundtrack so many times she has the words memorized to many of the songs!)

Do you know what I love about summer?

The long, lazy days.

The extra time with my children when they are not in school.

The days when we only wears pajamas and swimsuits.

The vacation to the beach.

The blueberries and homemade ice cream.

Yes, yes, all those things!

But, really, truly, what I'm looking forward to right now is 


Take my sock pile during tonight's folding session:

There is no sock pile in the summertime!  My kids wear only sandals and Crocs.

And the shear volume of wash is so much less because there are no bulky sweatshirts, no jeans, no layering of clothes for warmth!  I can let the wash go for days and still fit it all in one load!  In the past few months with 4 kids wearing multiple layers and bulky warm jammies, too, if I let the wash go more than a couple days it is overwhelming!

Now, when I'm melting in our 100 degree days this summer, everyone point me to this post and remind me to be thankful.  "Hey, at least you don't have much wash to do!"

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