Monday, July 7, 2014

A Surprising Blog Post That Has Seen A Lot of Traffic

I rarely look at the stats for my blog, because I just don't have the time, but when I do, I'm typically surprised by the posts that have seen the most traffic.

For example, do you know one of my top ten most viewed blog posts is "Trapped in a McDonald's Playland!" from July 27, 2009?  According to Blogger, it has been viewed 1,753 and counting!

Maybe there is an unknown epidemic of children getting trapped in McDonald's playlands and parents are often Googling the search term "trapped in mcdonald's playland" because if you do that, my blog is the 4th result that comes up!

It's too bad that I had no idea at the time I wrote that blog post that it would be read so much because really my post offers no real useful advice on getting one's trapped child out of the McDonald's playland, unless you count "send an older sibling up after them" as helpful!

Here's the original post in all it's glory (from July 27, 2009):

We nearly never go to McDonald's, but we traveled to visit family this past weekend, and stopped to eat at what my kids call "Old McDonald's" on the car trip there. I most certainly did NOT laugh so hard at the following incident!

It was NOT my 2 year old who climbed to the top of the playland and began loudly calling, "Mommy, come here! Come here Mommy!" 

Did you see his little face and hands in the center of that last picture? Here's the zoomed out pic. so you can see how stuck he is right in the middle of this biggest-McDonald's-playland-I've-ever-seen! Seriously, there was no easy way up there and no easy way out!

Thankfully he has older siblings because I was wearing a dress and I'm a bit claustrophobic. I've done the whole rescuing-a-kid-from-a-playland thing before with my older two and I get a little trapped and panicked feeling up there! My husband played the "I'm 6 feet tall; I can't get in there" card. So we sent our 6 year old up there to rescue his brother. His first attempt was unsuccessful. Next we sent our nearly 4 year old daughter up. Success!! She was able to gently talk him up to the top of a slide and then he rode down on big brother's lap!

Why is it that my kids as 2 year olds seem to have no trouble scurrying to the top of those things, in fact they do it so fast before we can stop them, but then need help getting down?!!

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