Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favorites from our Seaside Vacation

The House.  We've rented this same house for our vacations the past 3 summers.  The kids refer to it as "our beach house".  Ha!  We can dream!

 Beautiful beach with crystal clear water


Bodyboarding!  Even I figured out how to ride the waves this year.  Such fun!

We rented a kayak one day.  The boys had their turn first.  I asked my 8 year old daughter if she wanted to ride next and she said, "If nothing bad happens to them, then I'll think about it, but if something bad happens to them then I'm not riding."  Smart girl!

The boys survived so the girls and I took over the kayak.

Watching my kids bury each other in the sand is always fun!

Eating dinner at a restaurant and having this view:

Girls in white dresses:

 A pool with no rule banning inflatables like our hometown pool does:

Watching frozen in the outdoor ampitheater


Tetherball was a hit with my oldest this year

And last, but not least, walking or riding bikes everywhere for the whole week!

We drove 10 hours to get to Seaside from our home, unloaded at the beachhouse, went to the grocery store to stock up for the week, and then parked our car and did not drive again for a full week!  We were able to walk to the beach and pool and restaurants and shops.  It was such a great break from our regular lives where we are always running around in the car mulitiple times each day!


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