Thursday, July 17, 2014

In case the chaos wasn't high enough already, we now have a bright blue dog!

Right now I'm in the uncomfortable situation of re-entry into the real world after an awesome week-long Florida vacation and simultaneously, furiously planning and preparing for our upcoming Ethiopia mission (vision) trip.  The worlds coul not be more opposite, and I do feel huge gratefulness at being able to experience both.  But, the abject poverty so many people live in, children very much like my youngest daughter who was born in Ethiopia, has a way of making you feel guilty for your excees.  But, I'll take the uncomfortableness of stradling both worlds because really I see God there in the need more abundantly than here in the excess.

On to a lighter subject,

I taught my 11 year old to make quesadillas, which happens to be the favorite lunch of all 4 of my kids.  Can you appreciate the awesomeness of this situation?

And for a really, really huge 1st world problem:

The dog went to the groomer this week.  She left our house looking like this:

and returned looking like this:

Quite the transformation, right?  It's her "summer cut" I keep saying, but really it's her my-fur-was-super-matted-and-my-human-did-not-want-to-pay-the-comb-out-fee cut.

But, here's where the 1st world problem comes in, we did not even get to enjoy our clean, crisp dog for 18 hours before she somehow managed to get a large blue spot on her backside!

No, that is not a glare or blip from the camera.  Her fur is really bright blue in a large spot on her hind leg!

What in the world?

The 6 of us humans have put our heads together and the only explaination we can come up with is that she rubbed up against our chalkboard wall that currently has a large blue drawing!

But, unlike typical chalk, it does not rub off the dog!

Really, the ridiculousness of my life never ceases to amaze me.
Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. So wonderful to see children learning to cook. My hubby is the cook in the family.

  2. What a cute puppy even with the blue spot. I make a quesadilla at least once a week...It's a great lunch or light dinner.

  3. I struggle with the same issue. We are so immensely blessed and some times I feel really guilty about the level of excess we have. I wish you well on your trip.
    The blue dog is hilarious.

  4. You could be starting a new fashion trend in dog grooming.

  5. That's so funny about the blue color! Mine always like to go roll around in something smelly in the yard after they get groomed. Don't they look so small after they get all their fur cut off? She looks cute.

  6. I lovethefluffy, ragamuffin look on Milo, butevery nowand then, a good cut is just necessary. So happy that you have another cook in the house; that's awesome! That difference between two worlds is one reason why I've always been reluctant to take a vacation in the Caribbean; it just felt wrong. My painting post (about the platter) is an example of how the impoverished sometimes benefit for vacationers from other lands. The resort also provides many jobs. That helps with the second-guessing, in my case.

    Is your whole family going to Ethiopia?


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