Monday, January 12, 2009

Can you guess how many boxes of cereal are in my pantry?

How many boxes of cereal are in my pantry right now? 14!!! And that is not even including the 4 different kinds of oatmeal we have in there. Yes, we love our breakfast foods around here!

I actually eat cereal twice a day! It has helped me tremendously to switch from a late night snack of ice cream to a bowl of cereal. I used to be a huge ice cream fan, but I also used to be a marathon runner in my pre-kid days! Once I could no longer fit 15 mile runs into my schedule I needed a less indulgent answer to my 10PM hunger. It has been years since the switch and I honestly don't miss the ice cream! Cranberry Almond Crunch is my favorite nighttime snack!

Now to account for the other 13 cereal boxes in there (my pantry is narrow, but deep, so there is another row of cereal behind this one you can see). Well, there are 5 members of my family and everyone has their 2 favorites that they like to rotate between and few of these favorites overlap. Also, I have some duplicates of the most often eaten kinds so we don't run out.

More than you ever wanted to know about my pantry? Come on, now your turn, what would most surprise me about your pantry?


  1. OK. I can totally relate- to the cereal- NOT the 15 mile runs!! WOW! I'm working on a 10 K for May and it might kill me.
    Back to cereal, the last time my dad visited, he told me to "check the pantry before I bought any more cereal". He couldn't possibly imagine that we used it all, but at some point, we actually do! So, we also are cereal hogs, but what might surprise you most about my pantry is that I'm a popcorn afficianado. Or I keep buying popcorn forgetting that we already have some. Either way, a small country could eat popcorn for a year from our pantry.

  2. Well, besides the fact that our pantry no longer has doors...

    We have and insane variety of pasta. Let me see, there are egg noodles, lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni, fettuccine, ziti, wagon wheels, and acini di pepe... I think that's it.

    Oh, and there's not a speck of Italian blood in our family!


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