Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What’s That Lady Singing About?

When my son was almost four he went through a phase of asking, “What’s that lady (or man) singing about?” to every song that came on the radio. Thankfully I listen to Christian radio and praise God for providing great Christian stations because I shutter to think how I’d explain the answer to that question about most songs on mainstream radio, but I digress.

One day when he asked, “What is that lady singing about?” I struggled to sum up the meaning of the song in a way a four year-old would understand and I came up with, “She is singing about how she needs a new life, a new life in Jesus.”

His reply stunned me. He said, “I need a new life, too, because the old one is broken.”

Indeed!! Out of the mouths of babes! We all need a new life in Jesus. The "why?" is so simple – because the old one is broken! Our lives are broken by sin, broken by circumstances, broken by others, broken into a hundred thousand tiny pieces that only Jesus can take and make new.

I must be honest and admit that some days when I wasn’t as Spirit-filled as I should have been, the “What is that lady singing about” phase drove me crazy, but as it is with all phases, it passed. A couple months later it was replaced with the “Are you turning?” phase. Yes, every time I came to a stop while driving the car, he would shout from the back, “Are you turning?” Needless to say I longed for the return of the “What is that lady singing about” phase!

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