Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kid Fashion - The Smocked Dress

I think there is not much sweeter in the world than a little girl in a smocked dress! I love them for many reasons, some of which may surprise you! The smocked dress is easily cared for, simply wash on the handwash setting in your washing machine in cold water and hang to dry. The dress dries very quickly and minimal ironing is needed.

In my experience stains come out of these dresses much easier than say a pink cotton t-shirt from BabyGap (sorry Gap, did I bash you last week, too? really there are no hard feelings; I'm just calling it like it is and the stain stick, the Tide with Bleach for colors, even the Oxy has not saved many o' Gap clothing in my home). There is something about the fabric in those smocked dresses that does not hold stains! People have marveled that I let my little girl wear these dresses to preschool where she paints and uses markers, etc. but actually these dresses are easier to get that stuff out of than her other clothes!

The dresses can literally be worn for years! You buy them first at a length that falls to your daughter's ankle and she can wear it until it is knee-length and by then it will be getting a little tight around the neck and alas, you must shed some tears and pack it away, hopefully for baby sister to wear!

The dresses can be worn with tights and sweaters in colder weather.

So, do I pay the $60 boutique prices for these? No way!
I usually pay around $24.00 and sometimes even $18.00 or $19.78 on Ebay. Sometimes that is for a new with tags dress and sometimes used in good condition. I really don't care, we wash it after we get it and if the Ebay seller has a good rating I believe their assessment that there are no holes, stains, etc. I have not had problems with quality on these! They actually hold up well over time and are hard to wear out!

Simply search on "smocked dress" and maybe also your child's size. Tons of results will come up but I only look at the ones that are ending in the next 24 hours. The key is not to fall in love with one dress because you may loose several before you win one, but there are always more being listed and a bunch of cute smocked styles to choose from! Just try again a few days later.

Great brand names to look for: Rosalina, Orient Expressed, Amanda Remembered, Anavini, Silly Goose, Smocked Frocks, and there are probably a few other great ones I'm forgetting, so don't consider that list exhaustive.

Oh, and to go under the smocked dress, monogrammed white eyelet bloomers are the best! Find cute, quality ones here. These are a long wearing item, too. My daughter is still wearing some she wore a couple years ago (of course she has shed the diaper since then, so that has allowed for growing room)!

Have fun dressing your little princess, from what I hear you can only get them in the smocked dresses until age 6 or 7, so I'm enjoying this time while I've got it!!!

For more Fashion Friday, head on over to Big Mama. Oh, it makes me smile every time I think of her blog name, especially once you see a picture of her and see that she is really tiny!


  1. Ok, those monogrammed diaper covers are too cute. I'm loving your Fashion Friday posts, you always find fun stuff.

  2. I think smocked dresses are absolutely adorable! :D

  3. I am a mom of young adults patiently waiting for my oldest to get the baby bug. I was just telling my sister that she needed to smock my someday grand child an outfit. Hand made is wonderful, but buying on eBay, what an idea! Thanks for the tip. I came to you from Big Mama. Glad I did.

  4. My, we ever speak the same love language!!! I am a smocked dress fan for exactly the same reasons! I don't think many people actually realize how amazingly versatile they are!!!

    Since we are so on the same page in this category, I MUST direct you to an awesome little site (that a friend of mine actually owns)....

    Check out the Remember Nguyen samples (left side of the home page)'re welcome!

  5. My husband and I were just talking about dresses like these! I love them, they're so easy to just throw on and little girls look so cute and dressed up in them. I'm a little afraid of Ebay due to some bad experiences in the past but maybe I'll give it another try!


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