Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! In this blog carnival created by MckMama everyone has fun telling all the things they DID NOT do (but really did). You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Here's what has NOT been going on around here:

I DID NOT leave a basket of clothes in a laundry basket so long that I couldn't remember if it was waiting to be washed or waiting to be folded. I absolutely DID NOT smell the clothes and then error on the side of "already clean" and put them away!

My toddler DOES NOT sleep on a stuffed dog!

I DID NOT find our real, alive dog trying to eat out of the no-spill snack cup!

I DID NOT reattach this dolly's hat and thus become a mom who can fix anything in my daughter's eyes. There is NOT a little bit of superhero in every mom's day! By the way, this $5 doll from Target is NOT my daughter's favorite doll, beating out the $50 American Girl doll Grandma bought her!

I DID NOT finally have a day where my 2 little kid
s and I could stay home all morning. I DID NOT encourage them to entertain themselves with a cardboard box so I could clean out some closets. I DID NOT have stuff scattered everywhere and we were NOT in still in our jammies when my neighbor came over unexpectedly around 12:30 PM!

Can't wait to hear what you have NOT been up to!!


  1. Ahh, yes! THe laundry one has not happened in my house either! Cute pics! I slept on a stuffed frog the other night, so you son is in good company!

  2. I would have gone with already clean too. A lot less work :D

  3. I did NOT ignore my crying 11 month old from 5:00-6:30 am this morning, then I did NOT finally get up and give her a bottle, and of course I did NOT fall back asleep until 8:30 while my little girl slept until 9:30 (probably so tired from crying for an hour and a half while she was NOT being ignored).

  4. My daughter has a room full of cardboard boxes. It's the new craze in all the fancy toy stores.

  5. Putting away laundry is my least favorite task....I can totally empathize on that one. I'll let it pile up in the laundry room for a week at a time! My next house will have one big family closet attached to the laundry room. That is my dream!

    And if makes you feel better, I just got out of my jammies!


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