Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! In this blog carnival created by MckMama everyone has fun telling all the things they DID NOT do (but really did). You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Here's what has NOT been going on around here:

I am NOT really wishing for that hour back that we lost during the time change over the weekend!

I DID NOT walk out on my back porch and see our TV remote in the grass! No, things like that DO NOT happen around my house!

My daughter DID NOT lick the pepper shaker at a restaurant Saturday night.

My 1 year-old DID NOT repeatedly drink water from the dog water foundation at the park. I DID NOT watch this going on without trying to stop him!

The same 1 year-old DOES NOT have a new passion for pickles. He DOES NOT call them "gickles" and it is NOT the cutest thing ever to hear him ask for them!

I DID NOT help out with my kindergarten son's field trip to the livestock show and the kindergarten crowd definitely DOES NOT delight in the sight of an animal going poo-poo!

We DID NOT take our kids to beautiful gardens and take 316 pictures on Saturday. After so many pictures there were NOT only 2 with all 3 kids smiling and looking at the camera!

There were fountains and ponds, but I most certainly DID NOT remind my children several times that, "Nobody goes in the water!" to the amusement of the other garden-goers!

In my world the 316:2 ratio of total pictures to good ones of all three kids, is actually pretty good. I'm NOT so thankful for the invention of the digital camera!


  1. you mean you don't always keep your remote outside for safekeeping? ;-)

  2. Hehehe! Too funny. I, too, would've been reminding kids that you can't get in the water.

    Oh! And I REALLY don't like this time change, either.

  3. I wonder what exactly happen for the remote to get outside??? Lol...

  4. Licking the pepper shaker- too funny! Happy NMM!

  5. Fun post! There is NO way I am thankful for the invention of the digital camera not me!

  6. LOVE your NMM and your kids are simply adorable! Greer has taken to drinking from the cat and dog's water bowls....and I rarely stop her! Ahh...the life of a 3rd child!

    P.S. You got them *almost all right! Tomatoes (sprinkled with parmesan), ham (very close), strawberries, and Nutella on Toast! Oh, the 5th item was a cheese stick that was clenched in her grubby little hand!

    The dress IS Baby Lulu, and we LOVE their far my favorite baby clothing line. Got that outfit at COSTCO of all places....they had about 4 different outfits for about $15 a piece....such a steal!

    Great to hear from you friend!

  7. LOL @ the remote in the grass
    digital cameras are a godsend when you have multiple kids

  8. LOL! These are too funny! :D I remember when my kids were little trying to eat dog food. :D


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