Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

10 more days until the first day of school for my 1st grader. I am definitely less stressed about the start of school this year than last year when he started kindergarten. Now we are familiar with the school, know at least basically what to expect, and are used to the 8am to 3pm schedule. Still, I'm praying for the year and his teacher. I know one year he's sure to get a difficult teacher, and as hard as it will be, I'm counting on that experience to prepare him for a difficult boss down the road. I want him to learn to deal with that while still living at home where we, as his parents, can help counsel him through it, rather than having an experience like that for the first time when he's living alone and worrying about paying rent and making dinner, along with facing the difficult person every day. But I'm not ready for that lesson this year!

My husband was out of town for 3 nights this week, can I just say, "how do single moms do it?"!

I actually had to dispose of a dead roach myself today! First I bribed my 6 year old with a dollar to do it. He refused. Thankfully I was able to vacuum it up with our central vac. hose that is super long so I didn't have to be that close to it! I dissected a dog in college and have handled more than my share of baby and toddler poop, but roaches? They give me the hebe gebes! Now before you call me a wimp, how big are roaches where you live? Here in Texas they are big, like the size of a small mouse kinda big!

Anyone know how to spell "hebe gebes?" I'm totally guessing and best I can tell its not in the dictionary. That middle "b" may be doubled in both words. Spell check isn't happy either way!

At least I've remembered to give our senior citizen dog her meds. twice each day (usually my husband's job) and I did remember today was trash day and manage to get it out to the curb. But after I did the dishes last night (when he's home my husband does the dinner dishes every night) I did forget to start the dishwasher and thus woke up to hungry kids and dirty dishes. I won't make that mistake again!

I'm hooked on keeping up with a few blogs by moms with kids older than mine. They give me a glimpse into what life will be like down the road. And having a little forewarning about what's ahead is definitely a finer thing! This week I loved this blog post from Raise them Up about taking a picture of her middle schooler son as he got off the bus after his first day of school. And this one from Virture Alert cracks me up and opens my eyes to what it is like to move a child into college.

And reading those makes me kinda thankful I'm still in the soap phase with at least one of my kids. You know the soap phase, right? It hits around 2 years old and if your child is in this phase they are not content with one pump of the soap to wash their hands, they must have at least 7 or 8. And if you allow a child in this phase to sneak into the bathroom alone, in 45 seconds they will have dispensed 22.5 pumps of the soap onto their little hands and smeared it all over the bathroom counter. During this phase you actually begin worrying about all the money you are spending on hand soap and start diluting it with water, and hoping said child doesn't actually want to go to college someday, because the college fund? Is being spent on hand soap!

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  1. I'd go with heebie jeebies, though my spell check doesn't recognize that, either.

  2. I hate it when I forget to turn on the dishwasher at night! It sure is a bummer the next morning. I hope your 1st grader does okay! My oldest had a tough lady for 1st grade and he actually wound up loving her and was given a great foundation by this lady! I know it will turn out great for you too!

  3. I second heebie jeebies. It just looks right.

    Good luck alone with the kids! Whenever I'm in that position, early bedtimes save my energy/sanity :)

  4. We have strict dish-washing rules: When she cooks, I do the dishes. But when I cook, I do the dishes.

  5. I have always spelled it as "heeby jeebies." :)

    And yes to #2. For the few times a year when I'm home with DD all day and night, I really do have to wonder how single moms (and dads!) do it. Wow.

  6. I think I could have written your post.....:)

    Visiting from Hooked On

  7. ROTFL! The soap still has me giggling. I'm right there with you still with my third son.

    But I have to tell you, not to burst your bubble about it being just a phase, but it might not be a phase.

    When they get older (the few times you actually catch them to send them back in to wash), they still get their kicks out of the pump.

    You see, if you are still watering it down, like me, they WHACK the pump to see how far across the room they can shoot it. No lie. Then they pump a splash on their hands, pass them under the water, and wipe the rest on their shirt.

    Glad to have amused you with my post, btw. :) We moms better stick together!

  8. I've lived in Texas but it was in south Florida that my phobia developed. Ewww, I can't stand roaches. I won't touch them. I'll have to remember your vacuum idea!

  9. I hate roaches, too. (got here from CD)

  10. The soap thing... when mine are quiet it's because they've BROKEN the soap dispenser. Lovely.

  11. I had forgotten about the countdown to the start of school. My kids are grown, and that seemed to be something in the past -- until this year. School starts for my grandson next week, and on Wednesday, my granddaughter will have neurosurgery at Stanford, 90 minutes away. I was supposed to be out of town for business, but fortunately THAT got changed! Granny to the rescue -- remembering what it was like to be a mother! ;)

  12. I can relate about the roaches. We lived in MS for 6 years andthere are 2 sizes of roaches. The smaller light brown ones and the LARGE black ones that incidentally FLY! They are all gross but I did learn to kill them on my own since hubby was out of town doing research for his PhD. Those big ones are tough buggers to kill! I'm proud of you for disposing of it!


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