Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Minnie Mouse Never Looked So Good!

13 Thoughts I have to share about this picture:
  1. Apparently my daughter has a tiny bit of my uncraftiness!
  2. Yet, similar to her mom, that doesn't keep her from trying the crafts with gusto!
  3. As it turns out the age recommendation of 6 and up means the craft may not really be the best for a 3 year old! Who knew?
  4. I helped her with the first few stitches, explained the entire process of sewing all the black squares, and then we'd move on to a different color, then I left her to work for a few minutes while I started dinner.
  5. I came back approximately 4 minutes later, to this!
  6. When she said, "Help me get the needle out" I thought, "Sure, how hard can that be."
  7. Twenty-five minutes later I was still unthreading, unwinding, and unsewing the Minnie Mouse just to free the needle.
  8. Success was finally achieved without cutting the yarn, which in hindsight really would have been the way to go.
  9. I needed an Aleve after that.
  10. When my daughter wanted to try with a different color the 25 minutes of delicate, impossible untangling passed before my eyes.
  11. And I quickly steered her to a different activity.
  12. And hid the Minnie craft so as to avoid future Minnie sewing madness!
  13. In my daughter's defense, she did get farther than her 6 year old brother, considering he lost his needle before even starting his sewing project!
I'm just thankful nobody takes pictures of my sewing attempts!

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  1. Your daughter is very talented, thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cute post! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. It still looks fun to me :)
    Happy Thursday!

  4. It is always fun to hand something to your child only to see what they can turn it into. Great list!
    I'm up too:

  5. Not too shabby for her first attempt at Minnie Madness! Bless you mama for putting your time in too!

  6. How lovely that you and your daughter share an interest in handicrafts! I enjoyed you list today. I've shared T-13s at Sacred Ruminations and Happily Retired Gal this week ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Isn't that the truth?? Lol! I don't think she did half bad, though. I think I've spent much MORE time on some of my UNsewing jobs.


  8. i enjoyed reading your post. so cute and funny.

  9. hehe too funny! I am so very patiently waiting for my girl to be old enough to do stuff like this. But we are still struggling with 12 piece puzzles! LOL

  10. My girls did these little projects when they were small. We had a lot of fun with them. Maybe you should try again next year?

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