Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She's almost 4!

This weekend we will be celebrating my baby girl's 4th birthday!

I know, 4 is hardly still a baby, especially in our family where she is not even the youngest child, but even she tells me, "Mommy even when I be four, I'll still be your baby." So there you go, I have her blessing!

In honor of your birthday Sweet Baby Girl, 13 things I love about you:

1. I bought you your first pair of tap shoes a few weeks ago, and you tap danced in the kitchen for the longest time in your princess nightgown.

2. We take you to Sea World and you are terrified of the person in the Shamu costume that greets us at the gate, but LOVE all the roller coasters you are big enough to ride and can't wait until you are tall enough for the really big ones! "Mommy that was fast!" you say to me with the biggest smile when a ride ends.
3. I take you to a friend's birthday party and you are scared of the balloons but eagerly pet the 4 foot long snake that is brought out for the kids to see.

4. You are a wonderful little sister to your big brother, patiently putting up with all of his bossing you around!
5. You are a great, caring big sister to your little brother, running to get a Kleenex and wiping his nose without even being asked, just because you noticed it needed to be done!6. When you get something out of your dresser drawers, you actually close the drawer back, unlike your brothers!

7. You are the latest sleeper of our 3 kids!

8. Not only do you put up with all the bows I put in your hair, but you even ask me to put them back in if they fall out!

9. You can clean up the playroom just as well as I can!

10. You choose your clothes based on comfort, and thankfully for me, this means you pick dresses over jeans!

11. You love books and can recite several of them from heart!

12. Depending on the situation you can be quiet and shy or loud and crazy!
13. You are my sunshine and light up each day!
I am so thankful God gave me the gift of you!

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  1. Happy 4th Birthday to your precious daughter.

  2. She's a darling and sounds very mature!

  3. Awe- sweet!
    Have a great Thursday!

  4. Oh she is cute and adorable bless you with such kid....TC

  5. What a PRECIOUS tribute to your little dollie baby! This will be a gift she treasures when she's all grown up. You inspire me to do something like this for my much bigger kiddos. THANK YOU!!

  6. So sweet, great 13, have a great day!

  7. Very sweet! Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!

  8. What a special little girl! Great list!

  9. Aww these are lovely photos and you have such a great family!

    I'm a bit late for Thankful Thursday (here is my entry) but hopefully next week, I'll be able to post on time. God Bless!


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