Thursday, August 6, 2009

Before 10 AM

Do you ever wake up at 6:45AM to the sound of kids,
jump in the shower for a just wash your-body-but-not-your-hair-shower (maybe that's technically a bath, but standing up!),
break up a battle,
feed everybody,
feed yourself,
drink coffee,
hug your kids,
start some wash,
unload the dishwasher,
clear the table,
brush kid teeth,
have oldest child change the Diaper Genie,
brush your own teeth,
get 3 kids dressed,
get yourself dressed,
load the dishwasher,
tell kids to clean the playroom,
end up doing most of it yourself,
make a grocery list,
pack lunch for the activity later in the morning,
get kids downstairs,
take care of the dog,
get shoes on everybody and in the car for 2 errands,
arrive at the 1st store at 9:31AM . . .

and realize it doesn't open until 10AM!

I mean the thought didn't even occur to you that the store would not yet be opened, it's the middle of the day in Mommyland!

Anyone else hooked on stores that open before 10:00 AM? Definitely a finer thing!

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  1. I'm lucky to make it out of the house by then, but when I do it's just my luck the store isn't open yet too!

  2. I've actually, yes, had that happen before.

    Or last week, I rushed, rushed and rushed some more to make my ten am doctor appointment. When I got there the office was locked, and the lights were out. When I called them, cause what else do you do? They said they had an emergency and weren't going to be in today. And now I had rushed so much and finished all my errands that I had to kill an hour before my hair dresser appointment...

    Ha, as I say that I just looked around the kitchen and what did I see? I have been changing some of my allergy medication and it is interfering with my sleep a bit. So this morning I woke up before the sun and couldn't go back to sleep. I got up as the sun was coming up and decided to make quiche for breakfast since everyone was still asleep and the kitchen wasn't unbearably hot yet.

    I sat down at the counter to visit some blogs while it is cooking. I've been here 45 minutes and thinking it should be just about done but ummm...nope, it is still sitting on the counter. I forgot to put it in the oven. OOPS.

    Stop by Art's Chili today. I want to pass the True Heart Award along to you.


  3. OMGoodness! that is a good one

    (well not a "good one" as if I'm glad that that happened to you, but a "good one" since I could totally relate!)

  4. I hate it when I do that! I try to keep a mental list of when places open, but it doesn't always work. Thanks for sharing, now I know I'm not alone! Hehehe!

  5. I'm tired just rading your list! RELAX NOW!!!

  6. I love it! and you looked SO calm and collected at the store today...I guess you had time to rest in the car with that extra 30 minutes :)

  7. Sounds like a normal day at our house. I LOVE those mornings that I am OUT the door with three dressed, clean, and full kids before 11am!! And YOU even got the dishes done... WHOA!!

  8. What a morning! Especially when I'm toting babies I like to get my errands done as early as possible, before the morning nap if it can happen. So, stores that open before 10 are a must. :)


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