Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chocolate-Peppermint Bark

I love this recipe for Marbled Mint Candy!

For my kids' teachers I contribute to the class collection that goes toward a gift card at a store or restaurant the teacher likes and then I give them this candy for a personal touch gift.

What I love about this candy is that it is super easy to make -- literally 3 ingredients (it doesn't get any better than that recipe-wise!). It comes out so pretty (even with my limited decorative baking skills) that it makes an attractive gift. And as my 6 year old says, "It kinda gets stuck in your teeth a little bit, but it tastes really good!"

Here is what the finished product looks like:

Each year I change up what I use for packaging, but I really like the cellophane gift bags I ended up using this year. I had some small white cardboard cupcake boxes left over from my daughter's party a few months ago. I cut the top off and left the box open inside the sealed bag to allow the candy to stick out the top, but the bottom and sides of the box protect the candy from being broken.

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  1. I just made my first ever batch of peppermint bark today! It was so simple, I'll be doing it again for sure. Yours look yummy! :-)

  2. This is similar to the stained glass candy recipe I posted. Will have to try this one out too. Happy Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash :o)

  3. YUM! and I love the way you packaged it!!


  4. That looks lovely (I like the gift bags too!)

  5. Oh wow! They look wonderful! I would have loved getting a gift like that from one of my students. :)

  6. I like your gift bags what a GREAT!!! idea. THANKS!!!


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