Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She cut her own hair!

My little 4 year old girl loves crafts. The other morning before preschool she insisted she needed to make some stuff. She got out the construction paper, the tape, and asked me to get the kid scissors. None of this was unusual. Crafting is a daily or twice daily occurrence around here. As I unloaded the dishwasher she brought me various crowns and bracelets she'd made. The rate at which she produces crafts is actually pretty amazing!

Then I took the toddler upstairs to get him dressed. As I headed upstairs I told my daughter to come too so she could get dressed. She said she just needed to finish her craft. I said, "Okay, but just a couple more minutes."

I headed upstairs and a couple minutes later as I was brushing the toddler's teeth, she brings me this:

Since I was in the midst of the toddler teeth-brushing and I'd already looked at and praised more than one craft already that morning, at first I just kinda glanced at it.

Then I did a double-take.

"Is that hair?!!!!"

"Is that your hair taped on top of the little white paper?!!!"

"Did you cut your own hair?!!!"

The answers were yes, yes, and yes.

I think I knew this day would come. I've heard enough kids-cutting-their-hair stories that I knew having 3 kids it was inevitable that 1 of them would do it at some point.

Thankfully she didn't cut off much, she has long hair, is probably due for a haircut anyway, and you can't really tell unless you're looking for the spot!

So I ask, am I done?

Or is it like the Chicken Pox where if you have a mild case you could maybe get it again?

Just in case, I did deliver a long lecture filled with all the reasons we only let Ms. Sarah cut our hair with extra emphasis on just how long it takes hair to grow and that if she made it look funny, then it might just have to look that way for a while.

I must say, though, I do appreciate that she's already scrap-booked the event for me!!

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  1. Hahaha..yes, she did that part for you!

    LOL, oh my gosh, when my youngest daughter cut her hair I freaked out so much that she did not even think about doing that again..LOL.

  2. oh man - I had that happen here once! sad day for me!

  3. I love that she scrap booked the event.

  4. I love the keepsake she made you. ;-)

    Both my girls cute their hair once and only once. My youngest gave herself a spike in the center of her head. I never freaked out about it, but I did tell them that we only cut paper and we cut only our hair at the salon. I don't know if that worked, but thankfully I haven't found chunks of lying about since then. *knock on wood* But it could also be that my youngest didn't like the spike sticking out of her ponytail! LOL

  5. Ahhhh! My son cut his hair in the front to the scalp! With a boy it was not so bad.... now if my daughter did it I think I would CRY! Glad its not too noticable!

  6. She was so proud of her craftiness too! LOL

  7. "The answers were yes, yes, and yes." That's cute, she was proud!
    My daughters friend cut her hair once at the sitters house, they were playing makeover. Took a huge chuck out of the side, it looked so funny. I took her t oget her hair cut that night. Her first hair cut was by a 4 year old! :)
    Happy ww!

  8. haha I think everyone who has kids has been there...haha My daughter hair (which was totally white blonde) came in sooo slowly she barely had any even at two...I was soo paranoid about her hair (after 3 little boys I had been living to do hair...pony tails, ribbons, curls etc.) that I actually told her everytime I gave her the scissors. "Now remember we NEVER cut anything but the paper. ESPECIALLY not our hair...Your hair takes YEARS and YEARS to grow...hahaha She never did cut her own hair. I probably had her freaked out. But ALL of my boys at one point or another did to one degree or another. Maybe that's it..by the time I got to her I was ready for it...Have a good day, Debbie

  9. I had 2 boys both born with a TON of dark hair that needs cutting once a month. Drama!

  10. Bless her!! I saw the photo before I started reading and I assumed that it was cut for scrapbooking!! Lol.

  11. They usually progress to cutting barbies hair. :)

  12. I hate to tell you, but it may not be over. I taught first grade a long time and every year someone cut their hair in school. They would just lean over their desk all secret like and snip snip snip! Surprise! (Love your blog)

  13. Thank you for the laugh!!! What a great new scrapbook page you have :o) I have 5 kids and so far I've only had 1 hair "incident" I had come into the bathroom and found a clump of hair in the sink. I didn't have to do much investigating...I knew exactly whose head it had come from! I would have expected it to be one of my girls that cut their own hair but, no, it was my oldest son...he cut off his "bed head" because it looked funny :o)

  14. That is a great story! Hopefully it was a one time thing. I love that she scrap booked it for you.

  15. I cut my hair once when I was 5. I cut a lot of my hair off. The haircut I had to get afterwards to fix the mess I made was a boy hair cut. Never again did I cut my hair. LOL!

  16. My daughter did that when she was little but she cut off over 8 inches and in some spots right to the scalp!

  17. This must be a rite of passage for all little kids. It was sweet that she made you a keepsake with her first (self) haircut

  18. LOL that reminds me of my girls when they were small. You might want to keep a close eye on her. Just after I caught my oldest, I guess she figured, cutting her hair wasn't allowed, but maybe she could get away with cutting her little sisters. I'll never forget the day I caught her. She was standing over her sister with scissors in one hand, a big clump of hair in he other. Her sister just sat there with a big grin on her face.
    Kids do the darndest things lol I don't think you're out of the woods yet.
    Good luck!

  19. My son was 9 or 10 months old which made Kaitlyn 3 and a half the first time. I spazzed out spanmkings were giving I cried she cut her hair so much she had toget a pixie cut and scalped her poor baby brother. Cut to two years later she did it again and blamed her brother. They each has small scissors in hand one a cuticle scissor one was thoose baby scissors you get in kits when you have baby and they gave each other hair cuts. It was before Thanksgiving, she still isn't allowed to breathe near scissors!


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