Thursday, December 10, 2009


7 Things I'm Thinking Right Now (Thursday Night):

My kids are 6, 4, and 2 years old. Do you think I can wrap some presents this weekend, put them under the tree, and they'll stay wrapped until Christmas? Since having little kids I haven't done much early wrapping mostly due to my procrastinating ways but also for fear they'd unwrap it all as soon as I jump in the shower! But this year as I reflect on the previous 3 or 4 Christmas Eves and all the staying up late with last minute wrapping, I am actually contemplating starting earlier this year! Wouldn't that be a finer thing?

Since the mom who is coming over with her kids tomorrow afternoon for a playdate also has 3 kids, I don't have to have my house perfectly picked-up. She'll totally understand some crumbs on the floor and toys out in the playroom, right?

Since when do I base my household cleanliness standards on the number of children the woman coming over has? Since right now!

I wish my dryer had a remote control. I dry nearly all our clothes on low and even with the supposed "moisture sensor" the dryer always finishes with the clothes still too damp, so I have to restart it at least once, occasionally twice. How cool would it be if I could restart it with the press of a button from my spot on the couch huddled under a blanket due to the 40 degree temps we're having tonight?! Okay, that sounded really lazy, I know. But I'd trade my TV remote for a dryer remote. I watch so little TV that my dryer is used tons more!

What exactly is this spot of goopy stuff in my hair and how did it get there?

Does this mean I need to wash it tomorrow? Man! Tomorrow was not supposed to be a hair-washing day as Fridays are the day I have to take my daughter for her allergy shot at 8AM. So, my daughter, the 2 year old, and I have to be dressed and out the door by 7:45AM.

Hmmm, Toddler wore warm jammies to bed tonight. I wonder if I could just take him to the allergist in his jammies and then with the time I save dressing him I'd have time to wash and dry my hair in the morning! If he were 8 months old I could totally get away with that, but at 31 months maybe not! At what age does it become socially unacceptable for a child to be out and about in their pajamas?

Just wondering! Happy Friday!

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  1. I saw a 50 year old child out in her pajamas today at Walmart. If this works (and it didn't) I think you'll be fine with the two-year-old! Hey, wear yours too and no one will notice the baby! lol

  2. I think it is totally fine to take your 2 yr old out in pj's when your appt is that early. Totally acceptable!!

    I hear you on the hair washing days. If I wasn't so lazy in the evening I'd shower when my husband is home and it be done but no I have to corral children for safety then get in and out as quick as I can. geesh.

  3. We have the same issue with gift wrapping. We always put ours under the tree on Christmas Eve after the kid have gone to bed. That way they aren't tempted to mess with them, and they love seeing all the gifts for the first time on Christmas morning.

    I do wrap them ahead of time though (all but the bows), and just keep them in the closet wrapped. That way, I'm not overwhelmed on Christmas Eve!

  4. haha I LOVE your blog. Like I said before, it makes me travel back to my yesterdays. I too had 3 little boys who would have NEVER left the presents alone. Here is what I did...I'd wrap all of their presents in paper just for them. One would get all of his gifts in the red reindeer paper, the other blue snowmen, etc. I'd put no tags or bows on theirs as they were lost on the boys anyway. Then I used a big trash bag and bagged up all of their gifts in a bag and put it in some various hidden place in the house. As they got older they of course found the bags occasionally, but by then to my knowledge anyway, they never opened them, haha That way on Christmas eve or even Christmas morning all I had to do was drag out the bags and unload them. It worked well. Jammies for a 2 year old that early in the morning is perfectly OK by the way. In my case, they would much rather see my hair washed and looking nice, then a two year old dressed, haha Have a good day. Enjoy these times with your little ones, it goes soo fast..



  5. LOL! I've seen adults with pjs on, so I definitely think it is ok with little ones. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love your random thoughts. I'd scare people off with my random thoughts! LOL

  7. Hello!

    Please stop by Art's Chili Pepper and pick up an award.

    Happy Saturday,


  8. I haven't started wrapping yet, but plan to soon. I do NOT want to be up late the nights before Christmas!

  9. About #1: I always wrap as I go, and there are a few reasons that works with an almost-5-year-old around:
    *The tree is small and on a table, so the gifts go around it on the table, which he couldn't reach until last year. By then he was used to the idea that we don't unwrap them until Christmas.
    *I include him in about half my wrapping sessions, so he's involved in making gifts look nice and doesn't want to mess them up.
    *We wrap most things in fabric bags (made them a few years ago from Christmas fabric bought on sale in January) tied with ribbon. There is no way to tear the bag to peek at the gift. He can't tie a bow yet, so if he unties anything we'll know he's been peeking!

    About #2 and #3: C.S. Lewis said that worrying about how your home appears to others is the kind of Pride that is a Deadly Sin. I kind of joke about that--sure is convenient not to make everything perfect!--but honestly, I think it is important for me to back off the perfectionism and focus on hospitality and being friendly and welcoming instead of apologetic and stressed-out.


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