Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mommy Job Security

There was a night a while back at the end of a long day, my husband got home late, and after dinner I stole away to the couch to rest a bit while my husband started the bedtime process for our 3 kids. The following are 13 things I heard shouted down from the upstairs in the 10 minutes I attempted to take a break downstairs on the couch:

Mom, where's Jack? (my oldest son's stuffed dog)

Go see if Mommy can get your hair bands out.

Mommy, come read me a story!

Where are his regular jammies? All I can find are the warm jammies!

I want Mommy!

Mom, come up here!

Mommy will brush my teeth.

Are you going to lay out his clothes for tomorrow?

But I love Mommy!

Daddy, you did it the wrong way, I fixed it.

Where's Mommy?

Mommy, will you still say prayers with me?

I need Mommy!

Although tiring at times and lacking in breaks or overtime pay, I am ever so thankful for my mommy job!

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  1. LOL! I can relate. Once when my girls were little they burst into tears because I left the room before daddy did. They didn't think he knew how to turn on their tape player. LOL!

  2. This makes me laugh!! When my girls need to go to the bathroom through the night, they walk past one to get to our room, walk past my husband (whose side of the bed is closest to the door), walk past our bathroom to get to me - to ask me to take them to the bathroom!!! It's nice to know we are ALWAYS needed! Mummy's job is definitely safe!

  3. Yes, mommy job could get complicated at times, I can relate to you. God is so good to you always and for a family that loves you is the greatest blessing we can ever find.

  4. So true - and taking a moment to realize how lucky we are to have them wanting and needing and noticing how us mom's do things reminds us that doing some of those mothering jobs that get tiresome some days is appreciated and loved. Thanks for the reminder.

    I am not even sure if this comment makes sense. I reread it 4 times and can't figure out how to make my point clear. ugh.

  5. Best 'job' in the world. Happy T13!

  6. I love this. Want to know something else? It doesn't ever really change. My kids are grown adults and STILL insist some things only "mom will know" or can handle. Your right...the job is secure and life long. Have a wonderful day.

  7. it is chaos !1 hahah good one sandy

  8. Very sweet. It is always nice to be top of their list, I agree. I always tell myself, "In five years he won't be asking for this hug or wanting help with some trivial thing, so enjoy it now!" And I do!

    Happy TT!

  9. Lol, love this. Sometimes only Mommy will do.. okay, a lot of the time. I can so relate. It's hilarious to sit back and listen in when Mommy is "on break." And yep, I definitely feel secure. Thanks for sharing this as a blessing of 'job security' and not as a complaint of 'no real break.' Happy t13!

  10. That is great! My 13 yo daughter still says "mom" or "mommy" a lot. As in "Moooooooooooooom, I love you" "Moooooooooooom, what are we having for supper.

  11. Hardly restful, but totally heartwarming.

    Thanks for the smile.

    My TT: Totally Obsessed

  12. I love this! Although there is the rare occasion where I wanted to change my name from mommy, I love hearing my kids say mommy or mom :)

    Great idea for a T13.


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