Thursday, March 25, 2010


Unclassifiable! Yes, unclassifiable! As in not able to be classified.

That's what U.S. Citizenship and Immigration (CIS) finally deemed my fingerprints after I went in 2 different times to let them take my prints.

These fingerprints are crucial for our I-600A, which is the approval to be able to bring the child we adopt from Ethiopia into the U.S.

It sounds kinda cool to have unclassifiable prints, but in reality?

Not so cool.

Especially if you are not trying to live a life of crime, but rather trying to adopt a child from a foreign country!

So, after gathering police clearances (which was a whole adventure in and of itself) from 2 different police departments representing the 2 cities I've lived in during the past 5 years that stated I was not a criminal, I headed in today for my appointment with CIS (which falls under the Dept. of Homeland Security).

At 9:30 this morning I got to see my 3rd Department of Homeland Security office in my city. I had no idea we even had one before beginning this adoption journey and now I've been in three in less than three months.

And I'm here to tell you, the Dept. of Homeland Security? Doesn't mess around! You would probably be glad to know that such an important office to the welfare of our country has tight security and elaborate, specific procedures around their offices. But, should you actually have to go to one (or three), all the security and elaborate, specific procedures just serve to stress you out!

There are tons of signs posted everywhere, which are just printed out on white pieces of paper and taped up, explaining the various rules and procedures. They say things like, "Place bags here to be x-ray scanned, even sunglasses must be sent through the scanner." "Turn off your cell phone." "Turn in your appointment form here." "Stand here and wait to be called. Do not approach the window until you are called." "Have your picture idea ready." "Fill out only the highlighted areas" "Exit this door."

I graduated from a university with a degree, but somehow I am still not smart enough for these offices. I did tons of things wrong each time.

Today, there was a no food rule (which I don't think the other 2 offices had) and because I had my toddler with me, I had packed several snacks in my purse, all of which were confiscated at the security checkpoint by the scanner guy! Sorry, I must have missed that sign!

But, praise God, the actual appointment didn't take very long. And after swearing under oath that I am not a criminal and providing police department proof that I am not a criminal, I think they may actually believe I am not a criminal. And hopefully we'll be getting the final approval in the mail soon -- the last document we are waiting on before we can be on the wait list for a child!

At least I don't have to gain 30 lbs for this child, but if these hurdles keep multiplying I am gonna need an epidural!

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  1. What a big ordeal! Good luck with the adoption.

  2. How exciting to be down to your last document!

  3. errrr...I'm sure that is the LAST thing you thought would be a challenge in this process...who woulda thought?!! Blessings as you move forward. My prayers are with you that the rest of the process will be speedy as it can be anyway!

  4. How frustrating that you'd have such a problem with your prints, but YAY that you are so close!!

  5. So close! That is so exciting!

    Once it's all over and you are snuggling that baby, THEN you can look back and think about how cool you are to have unclassifiable finger prints. :)

  6. This was soo funny..."At least I don't have to gain 30 lbs for this child, but if these hurdles keep multiplying I am gonna need an epidural" haha

    Soo glad you have this behind you. What an ordeal. And yet, when you are holding that precious baby in your arms, it will all be soo worth it.

    Have a wonderful week-end.
    Hugs, Debbie

  7. Oh your last sentence is a beauty. Good luck.

  8. That is so sweet and exciting! I am very happy for you. Not happy about the hurdles but so happy about the adoption. What a blessing.

  9. LOL ... Love that last line! I would have missed a few signs too, I'm sure!

  10. This made me laugh:

    "At least I don't have to gain 30 lbs for this child, but if these hurdles keep multiplying I am gonna need an epidural!"

    Sending you many prayers for everything to go smoothly with your adoption.

  11. Ya gotta love the government. Standard operating procedure is generally *the most difficult way!* Hopefully, you'll be approved and on the list very soon! Thanks for linking up this week =)


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