Tuesday, March 23, 2010

His Camping Bag

You may remember this post I did last year (and republished last week) on my daughter's camping bag. Well, before our camping trip this year, the kids again eagerly got out their bags and couldn't wait to begin packing. I encouraged them to pack because it would occupy them while I did the real packing of their clothes for the trip.

But I got busy and forgot to check-up on their packing until later when I noticed my toddler's suitcase set out in the hallway outside his room.

I couldn't wait to lift the lid and see just what my 2 year old had packed for his camping adventure.

I should have guessed! His security object, the large stuffed bulldog he calls "Big Duke"! There was also another smaller stuffed dog and a very small plastic red sword that goes with his knight action figures.

Because when you're camping you absolutely must have your best dogs for comfort and you never know when you might need the ability to fight off the 3 inch tall bad guys!

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  1. That sounds like a genius way to pack : ) Who needs fresh underwear or that sort of thing!

  2. Of course! Camping would not be the same without them ;)

  3. The comfort object I totally get, but the sword made me laugh. I guess you never know when three inch tall bad guys are going to storm your tent!!

  4. camping can be kinda scary since you'll be away from home...so, there's Big Duke to the rescue! ^___^

  5. My two year old always thinks we need to pack his bathing suit.

  6. Awwww...that's too sweet! And much more important than a toothbrush! LOL!

  7. Ha ha!! Those may just be the most important things any of you bring on this camping trip. :)

  8. How sweet. You never know when a red plastic sword will come in handy while camping. :-)

  9. Hee hee! All of the essentials!

  10. how cute :) those are the important things for them :)

    u may view mine here

  11. We leave for Disneyland, California on Saturday morning. My three year old knows that we're going, and she asked me if I had packed any toys. I said, "You don't really need toys at disneyland because there's so much to do..." But she insisted on taking this one horse toy.
    "Yah, yah, okay..." I said, "If it's just that one horse.. we'll see."

    She persevered for three days, never changing the one object she wanted to bring. It's the one that has a moving head and foot.
    He made it into the bag yesterday. Because if she can remember for that long, she deserves it.


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