Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are you in the wrong blog?

No, no It Feels Like Chaos is still here.

But the pink and brown background?

Is gone!!!

I'm basking in the white space!

Because when my house looks like this:
I need some clean space to gaze upon!

I have been wanting to get rid of the busy background for a while, but like many others, the task was put off.

Until yesterday when there was this roving error message on my blog, something about Photobucket and an image or video being deleted.

And I said, "Internet, I have no idea what you are talking about! What/Who is Photobucket?"

And then the Internet (my very smart friend) came back and told me that the site where I got my lovely brown and pink background that served me well for 18 months, must have deleted or moved an image from their Photobucket account that was associated with my template. And the way to fix it was to get a new template/background.

So during naptime after 5 days of VBS, I was faced with a dilemma, ignore the blog error for a few days and fold the mountain of laundry next to me on the couch or sit right down next to the mountain of laundry and tackle the task of changing my blog design.

Well, you know my choice.

I don't have everything just how I want it yet and may be tweaking more in the coming weeks, but for now,

I'm LOVING the white space!

And I need a 3 day vacation from the computer because all the editing html code has worn me out!

I'll be back next Tuesday or Wednesday.


  1. I love the white space - feels so open and easy to read:)

  2. Love the white as well.

    I'm with on having clean spaces.

  3. Love the white too.I like reading your post and I'm looking forward for your come back.

  4. Makeovers feel so good don't they? Love the clean look :)

  5. White looks clean and innocent. I like white very much. Great post!


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