Thursday, July 15, 2010

A real 3-ring circus, as opposed to the one that goes on in our house every day.

It's Friday, so you know more than likely I'm going to be random!

It's also mid-summer, and I'm so enjoying time with my kids and a less structured schedule, but it hits me every summer about this time. This panic, that I'm so far behind -- the freezer meals are used up, the stockpiled shopping is running out, the in-box is overflowing, the baseboards are filthy, I have 100 calls to make for my Child Advocates volunteer work and no quiet to make them in. And yes, I have been known to talk on the phone in my closet just to escape the noise of my children, only they always find me.

And all that will be accomplished next week is VBS at our church; I'll be teaching and the children attending, but that is good and we are very excited. The baseboards can wait!

The inside of my washing machine looks like this:
And there are rust spots inside the drum, too.
We've ignored the problem for a while now. It hasn't gone away. I put forth a valiant effort lately to immediately move the clothes into the dryer when the washer stops to avoid rust stains on the clothes, but sadly even so I've seen some rust spots. So, after 9 years together, it's time to say goodbye.

What happened to the days of washers lasting 20 years?!!!

We've begun the search for a replacement. Thankfully a front-loader is too deep to fit in the small laundry room space we have, so our choices are limited to top-loaders, but still, oh at the amount of internet research! High-efficiency or not, steam dryer, built-in water heater, agitator or no agitator, and did you know they even have end of cycle signals now that sound like music?

Just give me a buzzer and a machine that won't have to be repaired in 3 years, thank you very much!


We took the kids to the circus for the 1st time recently. My 7 year old agreed, it was the greatest show on earth!

My husband is still laughing at my reaction to the cotton candy salesman when he told me the
one bag of cotton candy would be $12.00!!!! It did come with a magic hat,
but still was the biggest mark-up I've seen on a product in a long time! Next time I'll just pack my kids their own Ziploc baggie of sugar from home!!!

But it was all worth it to hear my toddler's reaction when 2 people got shot out of a cannon. We'd warned the kids before-hand about some of the more extreme parts we anticipated in the show so they wouldn't be scared, so we had told them somebody might be shot out of a cannon and it looks scary, but nobody will get hurt. But, I don't think my 3 year old believed it would really happen because when it did he yelled real amazed and excited, "THEY WERE RIGHT! THOSE PEOPLE JUST SHOT OUT OF A CANNON!"


There have been a lot of circus re-enactments around here this week and it is great fun! Thankfully none of the re-enactments have involved real flaming rings or sawing people in two!


Because of the washing machine search, I used the "live chat" feature of The Internet for the 1st time today. I've always been afraid of it before. You know when you're on a site and that weird invisible person pops up on your screen to ask, "May I help you?"

So today I actually allowed it/he/she/them to help me and I have to say it was a positive experience. Whoever was at the other end of The Internet was actually able to answer my question! And I didn't have to hang out on the phone on hold forever or try to talk to someone with my kids screaming in the background!


And now, please go watch this YouTube video called "How was Ethiopia?".
It is 4 minutes well spent!


  1. It just seems so crazy that a washer would/could rust!

    I recently used live-chat and loved it, too.

  2. Wow a rusty washer? That makes no sense? Do you have hard water? Maybe you just need to add something to the water.

    Circus is alot of fun, I can't wait to take my daughter when she is older.

    Happy FF!

  3. We took the grandkids to the circus last summer. Soo fun. The prices of snacks everywhere just kills me. We saw toy story 3 last week and I about passed out when they said a medium bag of popcorn was 7.50!! Could they be serious?? Sadly, they were, haha... Have a good day, and let those basboards wait. They aren't going anywhere. HUGS, Debbie

  4. Your life always has a tendency to make me smile and or giggle in some way. LOL! And I've many a time gone in the bathroom to talk on the phone. LOL!
    AND I've used the live chat before and love it. I've used it for our phone service a few times and it's a lot quicker than waiting ON the phone for someone.
    Have a wonderful Friday.

  5. $12 cotton candy! Wow!

    I'm sorry about having to replace the washing machine.

  6. I use Live Chat all the time and love it. I also loved that How Was Ethiopia video-it choked me up.

    I hate the circus--always have, though I'm not really sure why. (probably just because I'm cheap) My kids have been to the circus many times (with their grandparents :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Sounds like a fun trip to the circus! Our poor, deprived children have to live off of the snacks in mama's bag. ;)

  8. We replaced our 20 odd year old washer/dryer not too long ago - you'd be amazed how efficient the new ones are. We got front loaders, but it literally halved the time and number of loads needed. Not kidding.
    Hope you enjoy your new appliances...I did a happy dance when we got ours, but then I need to get a life ;)....

    Happy FF!

  9. Just hopped over from Kim's Friday Funnies!!! I can't believe your washer rusted, never heard of that!! Good luck on the search for a new one!!

    Love all the circus stories and the pictures, quite shocked that cotton candy cost $12.00, CRAZY!!

    Come visit me if you get a chance!!

    Love and Blessings to you!!

  10. Well, I've many a time gone in the bathroom to talk on the phone. LOL!

  11. Your circus experience had me laughing out loud. I can picture the little ones all excited. We've never been to a circus.

    They really wanted 12 dollars for ONE cotten candy thing? Holy cow! My face would have matched yours. Only, I don't think my boy would have gotten to wear one of those cool hats. You're a good mom!! :)

  12. I have a rusty washer too. It is in the basement and it gets damp down there.
    Everything is soooo expensive these days. With 11 grand kids I have learned to take them to the store first to pick out movie snacks and such..they actually love that..
    The Jersey Shore boardwalk is so expensive too..the cotton candy was only $6.00 and did not come with a hat!


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