Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So Many Crafts, So Little Time!

I am absolutely amazed at all the wonderful, creative craft ideas that can be found out there on The Internet and being an uncrafty person myself (a person who by nature is not crafty, meaning it doesn't come easily, but I'm trying to learn), I'm so very thankful for the step-by-step directions many people have been so gracious to share!

My computer "Ideas" bookmark folder has become completely stuffed with things I've come across that are so cute with clear instructions for creating them and seem attemptable, perhaps, even for me! Who knows if/when I'll find the time to try all of these, but I thought I'd share 13 of them with you and spread the crafty joy!

1. TaDa Creations - Ruffle Peasent Dress

2. Crazy Domestic - Popsicle Brownies

3. Sugarplum Creations - Mini Boden look-alike t-shirt

4. Tatertots and Jello - Super Easy & Cute T-Shirt Refashion

5. Family Fun - Crystal Caterpillar Kid Craft

6. Jump up and down - Ruffle Pants

7. Toad's Treasures - Another Mini Boden knock-off shirt

8. Made - The Market Skirt

9. Noodlehead - Gathered Clutch Tutorial

10. Poppy Chic Designs - Shabby Chic Ruffle Necklace

11. Fly Away Home - DIY Vintage Chalkboard Frames

12. Tea Rose Home - Fabric Covered Bead Bracelet

13. New Nostalgia - Homemade Scratch N Sniff Paint

Do you have any great craft tutorials to share?

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  1. Nice list! My first stop here.

    I used to be active on swap-bot where they have some of the most amazing crafters. I got rather fond of Artist Trading Cards and Button Fairies. I'm not much of a sew-er, although I do like to do quilt piecing.

  2. I am SO doing the popsicle brownies for my daughter's birthday next month! She's in marching band, and will be in camp on her birthday, so this will be something easy to make for all the kids. Thanks!

  3. Thankyou! These are great. I love the scratch and sniff paint and the t-shirts.

  4. I'm sitting here with parts of a quilt in my lap as I read.

  5. I'll keep that list to leaf through! I wonder if there are any ideas there for the utterly fumble-fisted!!!!

  6. Oh great list! i bookmarked it and will have to go through all of them. I know my idea folder got insane too! I started using the program evernote (it's like a virtual notebook) and saving the sites in different folders and tagging them by type of craft (scrapbook, sewing, etc) so I didn't loose them. Plus if they take down their site I still have the ideas saved! :)

    Happy Thursday! You have inspired me!

  7. I've bookmarked this for later. My kids love crafts, and now that they are teenagers, they can get pretty creative. Fun list. Happy T13!

  8. I know a few of those.

    Have a great day!

  9. Great list. I'm going to have to look at a few of those.

  10. Thanks for the list! I saved a some of them in my favorites under Crafts I want to try! I love finding things like this! Have a blessed day!

  11. I am pretty uncrafty myself : ) Loved the list will refer to it later I am sure. I love your blog name, we have 5 kids and ya, it feels that way around here many times!

  12. I was totally going to do a post like this soon. I don't even want to look through these links for fear that they'll all end up in my bookmark folder!!! (I'm totally going to check them all out, no mater what. Thanks for sharing!)

  13. Great ideas! I've made note of a few to try with the kiddos while we're on summer break.

  14. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing, I will have to bookmark to come back again!

  15. Thanks for sharing. I will have to check them out. I love the crafts and making things with my hands. Happy Thankful Thursday!!!


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