Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life on a Friday

I made it!!! A sweet ruffle skirt for my daughter. Last weekend, I used this tutorial, one of my old pink t-shirts, and some nylon chiffon left over from this project. I love how it turned out and have so many other sewing projects I want to tackle -- if I can just find the time!


Wanna know what's really hard to sew?

Sleeves for a doll dress!

Don't ask me how I know.


My house is definitely suffering from the new sewing addiction! My fridge needs to be cleaned out in the worst way. A child that will remain nameless spilled a cup of milk in the refrigerator a few days ago. We wiped up the obvious spill, but I'm still ignoring the fact that it seeped under the shelf edge in a few spots.


And speaking of messes, my 7 year old and I have been having some quality control issues. As in, he is supposed to do a chore like wiping off the table, he comes to tell me its done, but I go in later and only about 1/16th of the table appears to have been wiped and the rest still has crumbs and sticky stuff. And the rag and spray? Left on the floor next to the table!

I've decided he's way too old to allow this behavior to slide, work ethic and doing a job right are very important life lessons, and that summer is a perfect time to tackle this little issue. So, I've been doing the extra steps of inspecting his work, calling him back over and pointing out the problems he needs to fix. The other day this entailed me inspecting the room he supposedly cleaned and when I lifted the bedskirt I discovered about 40 small toys, mostly action figures. "What's all this?" I ask. He says, "Mom, that's where they go!"

Praise God for the label-maker labels! I was able to hold up an action figure guy and say, "No Baby, what is this?" Him: "A guy" Me (pointing to the drawer labeled "Guys"): "And what does this say?" Him: "Guys" Me: "So then where should it go?"

I know, you're so glad you're not my kid!


My 3 year old has a recurring complaint about life. I hear at least 50 times each day, "It's taking a long time! Why it taking a long time?!!!!" I hear this when it is 8AM and the Children's Museum does not open until 10AM. I hear this when it takes any longer than .5 seconds to get him a cup of milk.

Those are the annoying parts, but the funny parts:

He's working on floating on his back in swim lessons and the other day he was doing great, his teacher had dropped him in the water feet first, he came up on his back and was floating towards the side like he's supposed to, but it takes a couple minutes to make it to the side, so there he was doing a perfect back float but hollering, "It takes a long time! Why it take a long time!" Have mercy on his poor swim teacher!

And when I was tucking him in bed a couple nights ago, he crawled in, put his head on the pillow for about 20 seconds, and began fussing, "It takes a long time! Why it take a long time?!!!!" I asked, "What takes a long time?" because I really couldn't imagine what he was so frustratedly waiting on. "To fall asleep!" he tells me!


Have you ever been talking to a friend on your land-line phone but at the same time herding your children in the car -- shoes on everyone, grab the purse, water for the thirsty child, keys, send one back in to go potty, get everyone strapped in -- and begin reversing down your driveway before you realize you are talking on your home phone and not your cell phone?!!

Yeah, me either!!!

And for added grins, anybody remember when cell phones were that big? Or actually bigger. My dad had one the size of a carry-on bag!


  1. I don't have a home phone any longer but I used to work for a major cell-phone service company and we used to have people call us all the time wanting to know why their cordless phone didn't work within so many feet of their house. Apparently for a lot of people "cordless" and "wireless" are synonymous. My dad had a cell-phone that big. And a bag phone that weighed 10 lbs. Those were the days!

  2. Oh I love hearing about your funny life issues! LOL! Your son is cracking me up. It takes to long! Ha!
    And LOL! On the land line. I honestly haven't done that YET! But I do remember when cell phones were HUGE and they plugged into your cigarette lighter thing in the car and came in a huge bag.

    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  3. We've been watching old seasons of the X-Files and were just talking about those huge old cell phones last night!

    I'm envious of your sewing skills. I have so many things I would love to make (felt food, turn old t-shirts into shopping bags, my own clothes) but I'm a total disaster with anything crafty.

    I'm dangerous with a label maker!

    Just visiting from Friday Fragments :)

  4. So funny! At least your 3 year old is out of the "why" stage. Mine keeps coming right back. At the moment he thinks he has to tell me how to drive every time we go somewhere. As for the phone. That was sooooo funny! I know it would be me if I still had a land line!!! Have a blessed day!

  5. Oh, your stories are great...the best part is they are REAL! :) I love the swimming one, lolol...why it taking a long time? it!

  6. The phone one made me laugh. And so did the "taking so long" moments. Those are the details that you will love rereading in a year or two. I love blogging for those little details you think you will remember.

  7. yep..i've totally done this!

    this is my 1st visit. blessings on your adoption!! you will never regret saying YES!!

  8. Hand raised here; I've definitely done that.
    I loved the "Why it take so long" bits--soooo sweet. I also love your plan for your 7-year-old. You're a great mom :)

  9. Yep, I've had the house phone in the car before. Not so much now because I live on the 5th floor of a condo, so the cordless house phone loses the signal before the elevator.

    It's so interesting how each kid seems to have a different line. My niece Zora is too tired to do anything. I can't - I'm too tired. (as she races out the door, or up the stairs or or or) Kids! Love it.

    Kristin - The Goat

  10. The phone in the car is a common one for me! I keep thinking the call will end and before I know it the car is running and I still talking.

  11. My step-dad had a huge cell phone that he wouldn't give up for the longest. When he upgraded they couldn't believe he was still lugging around his old monstrosity.


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