Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun, Healthy Kid Snacks

Sometimes for fun, I like to plan after-school snacks for my kids that are also an activity.

Like, building a cracker house out of wheat crackers and cream cheese, using the cream cheese as the glue (regular cream cheese for white or strawberry for pink).
And for my daughter's princess house with the flat-roof there had to be sparkly snow on the roof, of course!
Another snack I've done is create-your-own-snack-mix where I set out various dry cereal, crackers, dried fruit, and chocolate chips and let my kids mix up whatever creation they want. This one below with Cracklin Oat Bran cereal, Cheese-its, Life cereal, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips is really, really good -- somebody with more time on their hands than I (or maybe just someone who doesn't have paperwork-phobia which I now have after completing adoption paperwork) ought to patent that combination and sell it in bags!

And you can make cracker faces with graham crackers by using honey for glue and various toppings for face features. Here mini-chocolate chips are the eyes, a raisin the nose, and Nerds candy for the mouth.
My kids love getting to play with their food!

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  1. I love the houses! So cute & creative.

  2. What a brilliant idea this is!! Your soo right. Kids love to play with food, and this no doubt keeps them busy for quite a while as they enjoy their snack. What a good mommy you are. Have a good day...HUGS, Deb


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