Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Avoid Being Room Mom

I'm just keepin' it real with this post.

You may have heard me share a bunch on this blog about the things I do from teaching Sunday School to making homemade bread and yogurt to backstage mom at the dance recital and swim team age group mom lining up all the 7 and 8 year old boys for their events at the meets.

But, I DON'T DO IT ALL !!!

One thing I have never done and actually avoid is being room mom for my kids' school classes.

I know!


But, I figure if I can't do it all, I might as well pick the jobs I enjoy, the ones that fit my strengths. So, yes, taking 12 dance-costume clad little girls to the bathroom backstage multiple times and doing sticker crafts to entertain them until their dance -- that I'll do. Gladly!!

But, organizing the Christmas and end of the year teacher gifts, which means emailing all the kids' parents and asking for money, and then collecting said money? Coordinating the class basket for the fall carnival auction? Recruiting field trip chaperones? I'll pass, sorry, but I hate that sort of thing!

So, my secret (only now I'm sharing it with the entire Internet) method for avoiding the class mom role is to show up about 15 minutes late to the Meet the Teacher Day. It's usually come and go anyway, so you are not technically late, it's just that the super-organized moms have already been there by the time you get there and darn if that room parent sign-up is not already full!

You see? I even avoid feeling any guilt -- the sheet was already filled in!

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  1. This is true! HA! HA! Glad you know your limits. I signed up for something in my son's kindergarten room and it has a schedule for the whole year and now I am regretting with the baby arriving come February. ugh. Learning process. Thanks for the tips.

  2. haha....it's true the job goes fast. I was room mom more than I could ever count up, haha. But it really wasn't that bad. back then it was mainly orgainizing the class parties and field trips and getting help was ALWAYS easy. What I dislike doing was team mom for sports. VERY thankless job. It was ALOT of work. Fund raisers, banner, picture day, and the worst of all....SNACK BAR DUTY...No one EVER wanted to help and always felt like...Well, YOUR the team mom...YOU do it...hahaha....I quickly learned to avoid this job. I do understand though from my youngest sister that they have changed things in the sport world and EVERYONE MUST take their turn in the snack bar...MANDITORY when you sign up. Much smarter, haha...Have a good day...HUGS


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