Thursday, September 16, 2010

I couldn't make up this kind of crazy!

My husband got an iPad from work a few months ago and he now uses it as his alarm clock (before anyone he works with reads this and thinks "Money well spent!" he does use it for other things as well). I guess there's an alarm clock app or something, I really don't know. What I do know is that I wake up every morning to a rooster crowing.

An electronic rooster!

That he snoozes 3 or 4 times!

Which means the crowing is heard several times each morning.

But, the good news is that as crazy as the electronic crowing is, it really kind of sets up the day. A few hours later it doesn't seem quite so ridiculous when I am explaining to a person just over 3 feet tall why we do not rub our hand along the inside of a public restroom toilet rim. That's just normal conversation for a person that wakes up to the crowing of an electronic rooster.

Speaking of the iPad, my husband has downloaded some Dr. Seuss apps and I've found him a few times sitting in the center of our 3 children holding his iPad while it reads them a story. Lazy parenting at its finest!


My daughter, who has been in kindergarten all of 4 weeks, informed me recently that I make my lowercase "e" wrong because I make the top more of a loop rather than a line straight to the side with the curve around.

"Yeah, did I mention I have canned goods older than you?" I said, in my head. In reality we busted out the kindergarten paper complete with the red, yellow & green lines and I let her teach me how to make a proper "e".


I know I've shared about the beloved "blankies" my daughter sleeps with. Well, one "blankie" has developed a long loop of trim that hangs off. I really want to cut it off because I'm worried she'll strangle herself in the middle of the night. My husband says that's crazy talk. So tell me is that a legitimate fear or is this one of those times when my brain has been taken hostage by a over-reacting, hyper-vigilant mother?


Oh my word, don't even get me started on the cuteness of these! Seriously, if I didn't think I'd go stark raving mad sewing on tiny ruffles and sleeves I'd be at my sewing machine working on some Barbie clothes right now!

And if I had time to decorate for more holidays than just Christmas I would be all about these. Any craft you can do with toilet paper has to be a winner!


My 7 year old finally lost his other top front tooth after it had been really loose for months! I figured out just a couple weeks before it came out that he had not been brushing it. I noticed some stuff on it one night at bedtime and asked him if he brushed good and he said, "I don't brush that tooth because it's too loose."

Me: "What?!!!! You mean for weeks you've been skipping that tooth when you brush?"

Him: "It's going to fall out anyway."

Me: "Well, your gums are not going to fall out and part of brushing your teeth is to keep your gums healthy. Do you want to get gingivitis?"

Clearly my biomedical science degree is being put to good use during this mothering career!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  2. I had to laugh at the rooster crowing! About seven years ago, Hubby sent me to Target to buy a new alarm clock. I came home with one that crows like a rooster...or chirps like sparrows...or has the piercing caw of a seagull. It drives him nuts! He has never let me live this down. He always says, "All I asked you to do was buy a simple alarm clock!" It's a running joke between us.

  3. hi! found you at friday blog hop and i am following you now!

    hope you follow back =)

    have a happy friday!

  4. I say cut the blanket! I too think like you in that situation. Better safe than sorry

  5. Visiting from Friday Fragments!

    I've had that public toilet conversation AND I don't have an electronic rooster crowing at me... what does that say?

    LOVE the TP craft!

    My three year old saw something about the tooth fairy and is now obsessed with making her teeth loose. She never sucked her thumb but now I can't keep her fingers out of her mouth. I hope she gives up soon! So funny that your son wasn't brushing his.

    I can't seem to stop the fragments!! LOL Have a great day!

  6. By all means, CUT the blanket! My daughter woke up yelling "HELP!" and we ran to her in the dark without our glasses (bad idea). She had the bumper pad loops around her arm and neck. She was almost blue. We cut the loops and she talked with a rasp for a week. CUT the blanket! You'll sleep better!

  7. I would absolutely cut the blanket. Call me paranoid, but I regularly inspect Charlie's blanket for long hanging strings.

    I about DIED the first time I took Charlie into a public restroom and he grabbed the toilet seat. I thought I was going to pass out from disgust.

    I'm very curious what a real "e" looks like!

    Happy Friday :)

  8. My 'e' looks like a backwards 3 haha. I'm assuming that's wrong too.

  9. Your kindergartener (and your unspoken response) cracks me up! Mine hasn't gotten QUITE that precocious yet, although he's trying.

  10. LOVE the Barbie clothes!! My mom and I used to sew clothes for my Barbies (not nearly this cool or cute)!

  11. Those Barbie clothes are so cool! I'm sure they would be a bear to sew though lol But in the non sewing department, those TP pumpkins are SO cute! I may need to make a few of those for the tables in our condo hallway. I wouldn't have to worry about them molding that way lol

    I never let a tooth stay loose for longer than two days. Once it started feeling like it might start to get loose, I'd wiggle it until it came out. Some of the teeth coming in took months to arrive! I went about 7 months without my front teeth because I pulled them out far too soon.

    Kristin - The Goat

  12. HAHAHAHAHA... your hubby sounds like mine!! He wakes up to a sound that sounds like aliens coming down on our house, lol!! I can't stand it. I REALLY can't stand it after the 2nd or 3rd snooze!!

    I am a new follower coming from one of the blog hops :)
    And I TOTALLY understand chaos, trust me :)

  13. Aww, what a great snapshot of a day in the life! I love the rooster crowing. Today as I was driving around the city I saw a chicken waiting to cross the street.....a real live chicken, not someone dressed up as a chicken. It must be a fowl kind of day!

    And, I love those pumpkins. I am going to have to make some because I love fall and pumpkins are a favorite part!

  14. Oh my gosh, I am laughing SO hard at the iPad reading Dr. Seuss-hhahaha--and at the electronic rooster! What a completely obnoxious thing to be woken up to!

    I love your blog. Following you now! :)

  15. My hubby just picked up the ipad. I will make sure he doesn't do that. I would go crazy. LOL Loved all your randomness. Have an awesome day!


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