Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bits and Pieces on a Friday

The Christmas gift catalogs have started arriving in the mail and I couldn't help noticing this on the on the cover of one of them. Seriously? A motion-activated candy dispenser? It claims to "give you the perfect-size treat" when you put you hand under the motion sensor. But, does it account for the child who just puts their hand under the sensor over and over again, dispensing hundreds of "perfect-size treats" into their greedy little hand? Because that's what my kids would do!


You'll be glad to know my son and my husband got a 100 on their school project. I had to give my husband a hard time the day the grade came home; when he walked in from work I said, "Oh, and you got a 100 on your project." Of course he had to reply, "I didn't help him that much!"

We are still in shorts weather in our part of the country, but the pants season (all 2 months of it) will be here in a few weeks, so in preparation, I had my 7 year old son try on all his jeans and pants from last year. Of course, not a single pair still fit him, so I did what seems to have become an annual tradition. I took to the Internet, cashed in some 20% off coupons my email box was overrun with, along with free shipping, and ordered pants and jeans in every style and size with the hopes that at least a few pairs would actually fit my tall, slender son, and then I'd just return the rest to the store(s) to save on the return shipping.

The big box arrived and last weekend I told my son he had some trying on to do. He moaned. And my husband said, "Hey, when I was your age I had to go to the actual store to try on clothes! My mom would drag me back into the dressing room and make me try stuff on." My 7 year old looked at him incredulously, "Really?!!"

Kids these days! They don't realize how easy they've got it!


I just finished baking a cake for the elementary school carnival cake walk. I knew nobody would associate the cake with me, you just turn them all into the cafeteria the day before. Does it make me a bad person if I Googled "Easy cake recipes" and made the quickest, simplest one I could find without much concern for what it tastes like?


I went on a field trip with my daughter's kindergarten class last Friday, and a little girl in her class asked me where I got all my daughter's "pretty clothes". I couldn't believe I was hearing that question from a 5 year old, but I took the opportunity to gloat just a little, "Well, I sewed a lot of her things, like that skirt she's wearing now." Her eyes got huge, "You can sew?!!!" and then, "I want you to teach me how to sew!" So, I've not even taught my own daughter how to sew yet, but I've agreed to teach one of the Claires from her class (remember this story about the two Claires?).

Happy Friday!

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That ought to buy me 7 or 8 years on that issue, right??
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  1. sewing is a great thing to know - I don't but I have sewn buttons back on my shirts. My wife sews but not too much anymore.
    I followed the link back on the school project - I agree you about the amount of help. It is the kid's project not the parents.
    This reminded me of a funny skit by Brian Regan - you could probably find it on youtube - it's about school projects.

  2. I haven't a crafty bone in my body, so I have serious admiration for anyone who can create their own clothing. My sister makes some pretty neat stuff.

    Nothing wrong with the easy cake! Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. At least they got something.

    The candy dispenser really bothers me. Let's make it even more fun to eat candy than it already is! Let's encourage kids to eat candy because they want to see the machine work, even when they're not really hungry! What a great idea.

  3. I've been getting the quilt making bug in my heart..... its getting that time of year!



  4. I have to make cupcakes by next thursday. I'm not really looking forward to it, but maybe if I make a few to keep at home it won't be so bad.

  5. I love baking and bake quite often for friends and family. Sewing wise I only know how to stich back buttons when they fall off.

    Great marks on the project.


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